Dan Nuttall

Dan Nuttall

English Literature student at Durham University. Will write on almost anything. Hope you enjoy!

Fred Phelps is dying. Although this may be a name that you do not, or did not until recently, know, it is a topic that you will almost certainly have an opinion on. Nathan Phelps, the estranged son of Fred, when announcing that he had heard of the nearing death of his father, asserted that he was ‘not sure how [he felt] about this’. He’s not the only one.

Rugby fans all over the world are currently quaking with excitement as they count down the hours to the start of the Six Nations. Along with any major sporting tournament, this brings with it the usual surge in patriotic feeling. Fans everywhere will be filling pubs, belting out their country’s national anthem and clinging to the hope that this year will be the one. Grown men will shout, cheer and even cry for their country. Patriotic feeling will be overflowing from the rugby world.

Having recently started writing as BounceSIN, there is a part of me that wishes to make a positive impression. Before submitting my first piece (‘Are lifelong dreams all they’re cracked up to be?’), I asked a few different people to proof read it. One friend finished the article, looked at me and said “you miserable old b*****d”, whilst another said “it just made me sad”. I will confess to not being the most outwardly expressive person, but these comments caused me to wonder whether I had missed the mark. I am frequently cynical regarding many philosophical issues (the meaning of life? Fate? Grow up) and will almost certainly write on these in the future, but for now I would like to address any misconceptions I may have created.

I will give a simple answer to the question now to avoid surprises later on - no. Abandon them. Lifelong dreams do nothing but hold you back. Or crush you. This may seem horribly pessimistic - perhaps it is - but it may also turn out to be an essential piece of life advice.

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