Naomi Anderson Whittaker

Naomi Anderson Whittaker

Writer from London. Studies sociology in Leeds. Hates cold weather. Eats cheesecake. Drinks Whiskey. Reads horoscopes (sometimes).

I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that a crazy switch flips in the heads of many girls in the month of May. What is it about May that makes it so perfect for beginning a weight loss regime? It seems that people suddenly realise they only have 2 months left until summer and so they need to do something about flab NOW. Also, advertising for summer clothes, diet programs and gyms kicks up a notch around this time.

I don’t know we do it. We don’t even need prior training; we just throw ourselves into it, and year after year, we show that we are the champions. At what, you say? At drinking, of course!

I hated learning French at school. Learning languages seemed like an unrelenting circus of panic revision for vocabulary tests, and dense, nonsensical grammar rules. Hell, basically. And, unless they spoke another language at home, everyone else seemed to find it equally taxing. Spanish was slightly better, but I still felt embarrassed when I had to speak up in class, and was so bored by learning about how to order in restaurants, or say the words ‘post office’ and ‘ham sandwich’. It didn’t feel relevant to my life. And so I put the whole foreign languages thing on ice. I mean, what’s the point? All my friends and family speak English. It’s the language of business, right? Plus, other countries are so good at learning English, it would be pointless to try and beat them at their own game.

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