Katie Martin

Katie Martin

I am a student at the University of Leeds just coming to the end of my second year of a History of Art BA. But don't let that put you off; I don't own a pony, my name is relatively normal and I don't say 'yah'. Other than that, I am the co-Editor of the university's official alternative magazine (www.lippymag.co.uk), the manager of the university's chamber choir and the sports sec of my departmental society. I really enjoy my degree because I'm a bit of a keeno. I also like singing, painting and wearing dresses. But my biggest passion is eating. Nothing is better than food.
Website URL: http://lippymag.co.uk

Going to a different country is one of those things that everyone gets hugely excited about but is actually a bit of a ball ache. It's the promise of the unknown, of freedom - perhaps, even, of sunburn. I certainly suffer from tan-vanity, desperate to catch any whiff of sun so I look marginally cooked for a few weeks. But travelling is just such a pain, with the documents and the foreign currency; the extortionately priced sun-cream and stupidly small bottles of variously purposed liquids; airports in general… We all love a holiday – and then we get there and almost immediately look forward to returning to the rain and routine of the Bonny Island.

Beards are just amazing.

Not a day goes by when I don’t reaffirm this fact. They accessorise a face in a way that no impressive tattoo, radical piercing or glittering smile can hope to do.

I don’t care what you say, choir is cool now. Classical music might not float your boat, a choral scholarship may not be high on your list of job applications, and perhaps the prospect of paying to see a concert of music by the likes of Stravinsky and Bach is positively laughable – but don’t knock it.

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