Frances Black

Frances Black

Second year English and Philosophy student at Leeds Uni. I write for the Leeds Student newspaper and BounceSIN, and I'm a Leeds Student Radio presenter.I love music, gigs, reading, writing, travelling, trying to speak Spanish, and many other exciting activities.

As you will probably have noticed if you are a student, the end of term is approaching inescapably fast. If you are not a student, then the idea of such a luxury as an ‘Easter holiday’ is probably unfathomable, and the very premise that anyone would moan about it might royally piss you off.

Domestic violence is a topic that is almost exclusively angled in gendered terms. Often unblinkingly referred to as the perfect example of ‘gendered violence’, the victims are always portrayed as female, and the perpetrators almost unwaveringly are all male. However, as we move further into the 21st century, new research and statistics are revealing that this image is not only a slight misjudgement, but an utter fallacy, and a complete misrepresentation of the topic of domestic abuse.

The return of HighRise had been a long-awaited event among bass-music lovers and edgy hipster kids alike, and as Beaverworks announced its second-coming on 23rd February, a perceptible roar of approval was audible from the partygoers of Leeds. Many a flat cap was raised, and tangible excitement began to build. Following on from the flabbergasting success of the first HighRise at Vox Warehouse in November 2012, it could be said that expectations were, ahem, rising high…

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