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Mark Wiglesworth

I am a student at the University of Portsmouth doing a Journalism and Media Studies degree who has an absolute passion for anything involving films or music. Give me any piece of media, I will do my best to review it.

When I heard the opening track of Dan Bettridge's début album Darker Days, I was initially worried that it was going to be a bit of a boring affair. The problem that usually arises with the singer/songwriter material is that a man and his acoustic guitar may not always be the most engaging of pairings; it takes something really special to hold my attention for more than three minutes.

When this album appeared in my inbox, I saw the words tech-metal and was instantly drawn to it. Combining elements of death metal and the experimentation of prog-rock can be a volatile mixture. It either works really well - or it really doesn't. There seems to be no middle ground. Luckily, with Centiment’s début album Streets Of Rage, the combination ticks a lot of boxes. This is definitely something a bit different and it's impressive just how unique and fresh this band sound.

Nerd pop is a thing. We can't deny its existence any more. With bands like Fun doing well in the charts and the abomination that is Glee being as popular as ever, I know it is a thing as much as any one else - I just don't like to admit it, because it hurts my ears so damn much. As A Great Big World start their venture into the musical world with their début album Is Anybody Out There? I have been forced to admit the existence of such a musical genre. It is very clear that if you like nerd pop then you will utterly adore this album, as it is more of the same stuff - only from a band with a long name.

So I needed a new album to review, and as I used to live near a place called Canterbury I thought I would give these guys a listen. The first album I have reviewed in 2014 and it is clear that British rock is only going to be getting better and better. 2013 was something of a big year with bands like Don Broco and Mallory Knox coming out with huge début albums. Canterbury are on their third album since emerging in 2009 and it is clear that there is a lot to come from this band. As this album has moments where it truly shines.


2014 is finally here! The hangover from New Years has finally subsided and this writer's quest to eat everything in the house over the winter break has come to a close. Time to look back at the top 5 albums reviewed at BounceSIN, and tell you why you should definitely be checking them out. Firstly, note that I am basing this on what I'm still listening to. If I gave an album a cracking review months ago and it hasn't made it onto the list, it is because I have gotten bored of it. The five that has made it onto this album have been a constant presence on my iPod throughout the year, not just for a couple of weeks.


Volbeat have seriously been smashing out the albums; they are onto their 5th studio since 2007. The Danish rockers are some of the most hard-working guys in the metal genre. Well, I say the metal genre in a loose term, as to be perfectly honest, judging from this album it's difficult to judge where this band lay in the musical spectrum. Outlaw Gentlemen and Shady Ladies somehow manages to create some wonderfully old-school metal sounds, while also fusing in country elements to create a head-banging version of Mumford and Sons. This album is by far one of the most unique albums I have ever sat down and listened to.

I don't very often anticipate début albums as much as I have done this one. I first heard of We Are Ficition about a year ago now, when I heard 'My Dreams Are Haunted' on the radio. Since then, I have been constantly checking the internet for news of their début album coming out. The day has finally arrived; One For Sorrow has finally reached my ears, and I am most certainly not disappointed with the band's first attempt at a full length studio album. From listening to this, it is clear that this Peterborough quintet have bags of potential when it comes to writing energetic and catchy rock anthems.

Music trends come and go. That is the way the world runs. Every now and then a fella' like Skrillex will come along and make dubstep super popular for the masses, or Busted and McFly will appear out of nowhere and make radio-rock a thing that we all have to put up with. Yet, good ol' fashioned rock n' roll has always been a thing - for as long as I have listened to music as much as I do today a fast paced guitar riff and frantic drum hitting has always been a thing. It seems to have never died out. Looking back at the history of rock n' roll there hasn't been much variation; the majority all follow the blueprint that bands like AC/DC mastered so long ago. However, while listening to Heavens Basement's début album Filthy Empire it is clear that something new is happening in the genre that has been fairly stale for a few years - as these young, long haired British rockers manage to bring a huge level of individuality to a genre that excels in copy and paste. They are so utterly unique and fresh. In one word I would simply describe this album as MAGNIFICENT.

Jake Bugg, in my eyes, was the biggest shock star to come out of nowhere last year. With his self-titled début album, this 19 year-old from Nottingham thrust himself into the limelight with a wonderfully nostalgic sound that pays tribute to legends like Johnny Cash and The Beatles. Now, with a début album that gets nominated for a Mercury Prize as well as topping the charts, the expectations for his sophomore album were obviously very high. I was thinking that he was going to take a few years out to settle himself, then get to work again. Yet, here I am, one year later and the teen crooner has released his follow up album showing that the expectation hasn't been a burden on his shoulders in the slightest. While his début album was fairly mediocre in my eyes, he has changed that all up with his second album as it is a massive improvement. Looking at the information in front of me and having the music blaring out of the speakers it is obvious what has been the catalyst in this sudden urge of love I have for the guy. He has only gone and got himself buddies with the one and only Rick Rubin - and lets be fair, anything that man touches turns into musical gold.

If you haven't heard of Linkin Park then you somehow have completely missed growing up. This band were, back in the day, one of the greatest nu-metal bands in the world, and I can guarantee that if you are, or have ever been into rock music, Linkin Park are one of the bands that got you into music of the heavier kind. The guys from California have produced countless hits, and in my eyes, are the proud owners of one the best albums ever recorded in the shape of Hybrid Theory. Now the band are on their 8th studio album, yes you saw that correct - their 8th! Now, before you go cry in the corner because of just how old that makes you feel, hear me out. If you like Linkin Park and are a die hard metal fan, you are simply going to hate this album - no doubt about it. But open your ears, stick on their newest album and look at Recharged as an album by a band you have never heard before, because this is seriously something new and exciting.

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