India Johnson

India Johnson

I have a degree in English from Leeds Uni and love to write. I like music, pretty words, films (especially French films) and books (especially American lit).

Well known by practically all nightclub enthusiasts, the monopolistic chain of Tiger Tiger can be found in the majority of UK cities; the reason behind its existence and debatable popularity is genuinely beyond me. In essence, if you are yet to lose your Tiger Tiger virginity then I commend you hold on to your abstinence, as the entire copulation process is comparable to engaging with a blind prostitute in the red-light district – it’s expensive and consistently disappoints.

This album’s opening track draws you all the goddamn way in within 30 seconds. Forget pissing about with gentle intros. Guitar riffs and a coordination of notes that sound as though they should overlap a really f***ing life-changing scene of film bring you right to where you need to be instantly. Nerve-endings are set to quivering with excitement in this eerie, atmospheric little prelude. Who am I kidding, there’s nothing little about it; this opener is BIG and this album is even BIGGER.

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For Listeners of: Mystery Jets, Foals

Listening to their album, one can’t help but feel that London foursome, Theme Park, are one of the more appropriately named bands. There’s something fun and uplifting about their music. Whilst perhaps not breaking ground with it, Theme Park have produced a set of chillin’, boppity little tracks that will certainly put a smile on your face. 

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Leeds is a hub of fantastic music, so here at BounceSIN we pride ourselves on bringing you the best reviews and interviews of bands and musicians passing through town. Leeds music reviews are never going to be of short supply. We have conducted Leeds music reviews and interviews of some cracking gigs, albums and bands such as Peace, Hudson Taylor and Modestep.

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BounceSIN runs a great Leeds Student Magazine, which also offers Leeds Music Reviews. Make sure you check out our Magazine and our Music pages.  

Itch: ex-front man of The King Blues, political protester, lyrical genius, now pursuing a solo project and performing to millions of fans across Europe on tour.

AWOLNATION: The dazzling Aaron Bruno - talented musician and songwriter, demonstrated by the viral effect of his track, ‘Sail’, which has taken over television as one of the most haunting songs of the past decade…

This gig was going to be one to remember.

BounceSIN is not only a great online student lifestyle community, but runs a fabulous magazine too. BounceSIN prides itself on finding the best writers, photographers and graphic designers, and giving them the wonderful opportunity of producing a high quality Leeds Student Magazine.

In the past BounceSIN has gained interviews with high profile celebrities such as Newton Faulkner and Aiden Grimshaw. There aren't many student magazines in Leeds that offer the opportunity for writers to actually get up close and personal with their idols. 

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Music reviews are a great way for people to discover new music. Whilst people like to criticize the critics until the cows come home, music reviews offer an insight into genres, bands, producers and albums that gives a fantastic depth to the music industry. Music reviews act as a platform for people to discuss, praise and analyse music; something that happens across all art forms and allows them to progress. Music is heavily surrounded by opinion and is open to criticism not just from 'professional' critics, but from the general public, who, after all, drive the industry forward.

So, listening to Jake Bugg’s self-titled debut album, it has to be said this kid’s really got something. His music feels like the kind that should be blasted out over a dimly lit bar with girls and boys dressed in oddities, dancing and prancing whilst supping on whiskey or beer. Man, I love a song that makes me feel like I’m starring in one of my favourite old-time movies. This guy is delicious; he’s eighteen, talented and writes the kind of rare lyrics that pull on one’s heartstrings because they’re just so goddamn simple, and so goddamn true and pretty much straight to the goddamn point. Emerging from the council estates of Nottingham to suddenly start playing with the likes of Noel Gallagher, it has to be asked, just what is it that attaches such a sense of romanticism, endearment and cool to the guitar-strumming young man?

The Struts symbolise everything that is rock ‘n’ roll. They ooze confidence and deliver bone-chilling performances with raspy vocals, electrifying guitar and bluesy rhythms. We chat to charming lead singer, Luke Spiller, about the influences behind their music and their image, all the while wistfully thinking, “oh, to be a rockstar”. This guy is seriously f***ing cool.

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