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Now then, now then, Jim'll Fix It for you to be sexually assaulted. For those of you that are unfamiliar with Jimmy Saville, in his life, he could have been one of the most prolific paedophiles to be rampaging across Britain doing charity work so that nobody would mention the fact that he was a blatant paedophile. He also did some DJ stuff and had his own programme where he got kids on his show so that he could fulfil their desires. Or was it his desires that were being fulfilled?

The allegations made toward Jimmy Saville open up the debate concerning celebrities being able to hide behind a facade of supposed innocent tom foolery which enables them to commit heinous crimes against children while being seen in the public eye as some kind of hero. It's not the first time and it won't be the last. Take Gary Glitter for instance, a man who was so brazen that he sang about his insatiable appetite for children in his hit songs which the unsuspecting masses lapped up and sang along with. Glitter was a man who knew exactly what he was doing and taunted cockily in his suggestive lyrics. To put things into perspective, some of Glitter's lyrics were; 'Do you wanna be in my Gang?' and 'Do you wanna touch, do you wanna touch, do you wanna touch me there?' Not exactly cryptic lyrics from a man eventually found with multiple child porn images on his computer.

Saville was quoted to have said when interviewed about the disgusting and repulsive actions of Gary Glitter: "Now Gary, all he did was to take his computer into PC World to get it repaired. They went into the hard drive, saw all these dodgy pictures and told the police and the police then went 'Oh we've got a famous person ... Oh my goodness, yeah we'll have them'. But Gary has not sold 'em, has not tried to sell 'em, not tried to show them in public or anything like that. It were for his own gratification. Whether it was right or wrong, it's up to him as a person... they didn't do anything wrong but they are then demonised." Frightening.

Sir Jimmy Saville had at one time been praised by the Pope, well, enough said on that one then. Saville and Glitter were allowed to reign in a time when accusations by children of sex abuse were met with an attitude of 'don't be silly, he's just being friendly'. Fortunately, nowadays it is the contrary. Awareness to vile sexual predators has been raised significantly and in a time of broad digital communication, we must be vigilant.

We should not allow fear to the false superiority of celebrity culture to prevent the course of justice.  

In hindsight, Sir Jimmy's idea of 'fixing it' was in actual fact very damaging and in regard to Gary Glitter, do wanna be in my gang? The answer is, do we f**k!        

Christopher Gennard

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