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    If your standard Saturday night involves sitting on the sofas at Oceana, listening to ‘Call Me Maybe’ and trying not to spill your expensive cocktail, prepare for it to be blasted out the water by your new favourite night out. Say hello to Propaganda: the biggest Indie night in the UK.

    ‘A night to be compared to no other’ says Propaganda enthusiast Sean, 24, who summed it up pretty well.  Ask any student where they go on a Saturday night, and chances are they’ll say Propaganda. With a massive capacity of over 3000 people, it’s packed from the window to the wall every single week with students rocking out, spilling drinks and inevitably taking photos they’ll regret in the morning.

    I’m sure the inescapable question on every student’s mind though is, ‘how much are drinks?’ Well have no fear; at a standard £2.20 for drinks you can have an amazing night of vodka-fuelled antics without a stern call from Student Finance in the morning.

    From Dubstep to The Libertines

     As soon as you have a beer in hand though, try to get your bearings around the various different rooms, which beautifully clash drum and bass, dubstep and house music with indie rock, chart anthems and student party classics. Propaganda is certainly the only place in Leeds you’ll hear the likes of The Libertines, The Killers and The Vaccines played back to back with Kanye West.  As you can tell, there is truly something for everyone.

    If you head to the main dance floor, be warned, it’s not like a bog-standard night out where one is confined to bopping carefully along to the beat, maybe putting one pointed finger into the air if feeling brave. Moshing along to The Jam or line dancing to Cotton-Eye-Joe are not frowned upon here, as music lovers alike get lost in their favourite songs, forget the crowds and the bright lights and pull some of the craziest shapes you’ll ever see.

    A Unique Venue

    When your feet need a rest from attempting to Irish dance too vigorously to B*witched, avert your eyes upwards and take in the spectacular high ceilings and huge balconies that make a night at the O2 Academy just that little bit more special. When the site was first built in 1885, it was used for everything from political meetings to circus shows. However the only freak show these days is the couple zealously making out by the toilets. 

    The biggest, busiest and most definitely craziest night in Leeds is playing host to the BounceSIN Tour on the 22nd September and we can’t wait! So prepare yourself for one mental night of dancing, drinks and debauchery – are you ready?

    Philippa Barnes

    Aspiring journalist for BounceSin, currently stumbling through life in Leeds. Likes reading, dancing and sangria - but not the hangover.

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