Sand, Sea and Sunshine: Splendid Skiathos

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With lovely golden, sandy beaches and a crystal clear, sparkling sapphire sea, we have an image that could be taken from a multitude of sun-kissed holiday destinations across the world, and dropped onto the front of a picturesque postcard. Yet this isn’t Majorca or Tenerife; traditional tourist excursions. Instead, we have the stunning and splendid, lesser-known island of Skiathos, in Greece. It is a place that offers scenic and vibrant views, endless relaxation, and in essence, a holiday that you will never forget.

Skiathos Island National Airport

Upon arrival, if you have managed to ignore the infuriating sounds of people munching away at their meagre, tasteless in-flight meals long enough to drop off into a strange, uncomfortable sleep - you are in for a surprise. The runway at Skiathos Island National Airport is incredibly a mere 5,341 feet – a distance that makes for a somewhat anxious landing. As you soar over the beach below it seems as though you can see the whites of the eyes of those that lay upon the sand. An exaggeration perhaps, but expect to hear many a cry of ‘we’re going to land in the sea’. One jumpy, thudding slide down the runway later, and the relief is palpable; a collective exhaling of breath audible across the length of the aeroplane.

Lively Nightlife!

With wild, racy and raucous Magaluf the headline attraction for youngsters wanting to let themselves go during their summer holidays, it seems unlikely that the subtle island of Skiathos would have anything to offer teenage booze-hungry minds. True, it can’t compete with that level of boisterousness and disorder, but it far from disappoints. There are nightclubs aplenty; ‘Vibe’, ‘Kahlua’ and ‘BBC the pick of the bunch as you submit yourself to the hypnotic, pulsating lights and thudding electronic beats. Sure enough some of the drinks, particularly cocktails, are outrageously expensive, but every student knows all about that– and the value of pre-drinking before hitting the town still stands true. It may be that you don’t quite have the stamina for the clubs – god forbid. Not to worry, when it comes to normal bars, there are many to flip between – from the cushioned steps of ‘Seven Steps’, ‘Slip Inn’ and ‘Rock n Roll’, to the lively and relaxed ‘Old Port House’, a constant tourist favourite which chilled seventies and eighties music, and a comfortable atmosphere. In short then, there is plenty to get your teeth stuck into, even once the sun has disappeared.

Catering to all Generations

Skiathos may be an island which is tucked away somewhat, but every year more and more people head back with enthusiastic recommendations playing upon their tongue. A wonderfully kind, close-knit community which revels in the diverse tastes it can cater for. Be it the young generation or the older, there is something for everyone - surprises to be found around every corner and down each cobbled street.  This year marks the sixth consecutive summer I have visited this delightful little island, and yet still I’m sure that in the future, even more marvellous memories wait.   

Ben Johnson

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