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Tweet Me Maybe

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After realising that even in the safe haven of Facebook, you still can’t avoid Twitter, I thought it was about time to spread my social media wings and fly the online nest. Yes, it’s official I am now a hard boiled Tweeter.

However, it’s a few weeks in, and I’m struggling to see what the hype is about. Why exactly do I need to know that Holly Willoughby is wearing odd socks or Zac Efron is watching ‘Camp Rock’ again?

Here are some examples of some gloriously mundane Tweets I saw just today:

‘I don’t like stepping on Lego barefoot’

Just sent off an application to British Gas’

‘I’m stuck in Paddington station!’

The last one is potentially understandable - if you’re caught by your laptop bag in the turnstile at Paddington, have no minutes left and have lost your voice due to a severe case of tonsillitis. In this case an emergency tweet may be understandable, lifesaving and also make hilarious reading for your followers.

The little people aren’t so little on Twitter

According to socialmediatoday.com, there are now over 100 million active Twitter accounts, but what’s all the fuss about? For those with an obsession for anything celebrity, you can get real updates direct from your idols on all the things the magazines have no interest in reporting. To a James Bond fan, it’s like a legal version of sneaking into Daniel Craig’s house and rifling through his bedside drawer.

Turns out anyone can be a celebrity on Twitter, as long as you tweet enough and stir up some controversy about Miley Cyrus’ new haircut. In the realms of Twitter, there are no bodyguards or paparazzi creating a golden plateau for celebrities to stand on. They are just as real as you or me, doing everyday things, in a way us Z-listers can keep up with and even do ourselves in a bid for online fame.

Tweeting? More like baa-ing.

If you have something to say, whether it’s about how much you love Zooey Deschanel or your strong worded opinions on the referee for the Man United game, it’s easy to get them out there into the public eye. You can witness the power of Twitter for yourself by simply taking a gander at what’s ‘trending.’ Within seconds of something big happening in the news or the celebrity world, everyone has Tweeted about it and everyone has formed an opinion about it. Like sheep, we like to be in herds, to be part of the masses and make our own thoughts heard.

I can see why people love Twitter so much. You feel informed about what’s going on in the world and as sad as it sounds you get a buzz when someone replies to something you’ve said or your favourite celeb retweets you. As a Twitter novice though, I am still struggling to get the hang of hash-tagging, who’s following who and why on earth that person from Venezuela is following me. But amid the confusion I am starting to feel the Twitter addiction that I have seen so many people fall victim to, begin to peck at my fingertips.

Philippa Barnes

Aspiring journalist for BounceSin, currently stumbling through life in Leeds. Likes reading, dancing and sangria - but not the hangover.

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