Why We Can Be Proud To Be British

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This weekend, I felt proud to be British. What a spectacle the world was treated to at the Olympics opening ceremony. Thanks to the genius that is Danny Boyle, us Brits finally felt we had something to celebrate. After a tumultuous year of financial depression, political scandal and disastrous weather, it feels good that we can come together as a nation and celebrate what it is to be British. 

As with the majority of Brits and our typical British cynicism, one was initially dubious beyond measure about the success of the opening ceremony. It wasn’t doubt on the skills or talent of Danny Boyle. Indeed, for those who have seen Trainspotting or The Beach will know that his genius is undeniable. However, creating a worldwide sensation that is both acceptable and approving to every corner of the globe is no mean feat. 

However, the carefully blended narrative that formed the ceremony was true art. From the medieval countryside, the Olympic rings forged by the workers of the Industrial Revolution, or to Dizzie Rascal embodying the modern age of dance and technology, it was a history lesson in itself. There was a beautiful blend of sincerity and comedy, carried along by music throughout the ages allowing every generation to feel the zest and energy of the games. The evening was as inspirational as it was spectacular. The world was reminded of the importance of British history and that it shall never be forgotten. We witnessed a wholehearted tribute to the NHS combined with surreal scenes of childish fantasies as reminder of the immature nature we all possess but can often forget. There were celebrity appearances from J.K.Rowling, Rowan Atkinson and Daniel Craig as James Bond. Probably one of everyones’ highlights was the Queen’s entrance by parachute. Long Live the Queen.

What a wonderful blend of everything British: our history, our sense of fun and sincerity and our ability to put on a show. How proud we can all feel to be part of such a spectacle. Now let’s hope it’s enough to pull us out of this economic crisis.

Bonnie Stuart

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