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Sun, Sex and Parents Featured

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Many people may believe that holidaying with your parents should stop when you reach eighteen, move out of the family home, and embark on your own life. That’s all very well and good; but what if your own life forces you to remain in sunny summery England – sarcasm intended, for the duration of the year? Social network sites are almost buckling under the weight of holiday snaps as freshly tanned and loved-up couples return from their romantic trip away feeling the necessity to rub our faces in their half-naked photos, and large groups of friends embark on what could be an eye-opening ‘bonding’ experience. All this and you’re sat at home or work, tightening the belt and struggling to find the spare time and cash to jet off on the EasyJet rocket to the sun.

This leaves some with only one option: the beloved parents. As they wave plane tickets in front of your face and promise you two weeks of unprecedented sunshine, heat and luxury – I defy you all to reject.

Personally I like to think you’re doing your parents a favour more than you are yourself. If you think about it, what could be the best gift you give them? Not a box of chocolates, or even a meal out – but two weeks of yourself; with nowhere to hide. They have the opportunity to grill you about your future and your ‘love life’ all while having some ‘quality bonding time’ with their delightful grown up children. So yes, you may not be able to stay in bed all day or stay out all night, and you will have to traipse around endless tourist sites and endure your mother’s nervous fits as the plane takes off... But, sometimes it’s the selfless acts which are the most rewarded. And if you have to answer a few questions while lying on a sun lounger, feeling too relaxed to even flip over – that’s a compensation I’m willing to accept.

It may not be Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents – but call me ridiculous; I’d rather be on holiday with my ma and pa than have them stalk me around a party island. At least that way, we all know where everyone is at all times and we can avoid unnecessary upsets. Holidaying with your parents can be as enjoyable as with your friends – but with the added bonus of not needing to dig deep into your pocket for the experience. Given the choice of course, I’d rather be living the dream life on a beach partying, exploring and laughing with my ‘chums’. But this summer is a chaotic one and everyone is dispersed around the country – damp and mouldy. So if there’s only one answer, and that answer is Mum and Dad then: España here I come! 

Jessica Baggaley

I make the incoherent coherent through punctuation, adjectives and irony.

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