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“Let’s Do Lunch”

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What is life without friends? No bloody fun that’s what. Friends make youth what it is; the best memories of the best years of your life which you share with your mates. School, college, University, jobs, whatever’s happening in your life as a young adult you experience it all with them. Your mates are the people who you spend most of your time with; during University you even live with them. You have fun with them, have a laugh, you trust them, and you can talk to them about anything and everything. But then adulthood sets in, and all those fun, carefree days seem like a distant memory.   

Whether it’s studying or finishing University, kick starting a career, moving to different cities, starting a family or even just moving to a more serious stage in a relationship; it always seems to leave less room for friends. The more ‘grown-up’ parts of life start to take over your time, even if that part is just being skint and trying to responsibly save money. Soon you find that parties and days/nights out become less frequent, and you text each other nowhere near as much as you used to do. Shopping trips happen less and less, and cinemas show a growing number of movies that remain unseen by you and your mates. Other priorities get in the way of how social life used to be, until the best you can do is a quick lunch once in a while, or the odd night out if you have the time and the money.

It’s hard to accept that social life as you get older isn’t what it used to be, even now can’t help but feeling to adopt the social life of a middle aged woman who owns too many cats and calls them her best friends. It starts to become much harder to make room in your diary for time with mates, especially considering they also have to make time for you. This means your left with: “Can you do this date?”, “No sorry I’ve got something on already”. You end up finally agreeing on meeting up a fortnight later, in which your start to think: ‘What the hell happened to my social life?!’ Either you’re too busy, or too skint to spend as much time as you used to with your mates. Some of us might have to start accepting that life isn’t as carefree as it was, and the social aspect of life does start to change.

We may not see our friends as often as we used to due to the more pressing responsibilities of adulthood, but it doesn’t make our friendships any less strong or important; it makes you appreciate a lot more the time you do spend together. We just need make sure that we make time for our friends as much as possible, even if it is just for a quick lunch.

Jenny Pinder

I'm a 22 year old living in Hull, soon to be living in Leeds. I recently found out I have officially passed my university degree, so now I have a summer of fun to look forward to. At the moment everything in life is falling nicely into place.

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