Calling All Gentlemen!

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Where are the days where men used to hold doors open or pull chairs out for women? Now I’d be so lucky for a man to even buy me my dinner once in a while. Youth culture nowadays seems to revolve around how many girls a lad can get and sadly, that’s what makes him popular. I don’t know about you but the ‘bad guys’ all the girls love in films don’t have ASBOs or run around mugging people and stealing cars. One New Year, a guy tried chatting me up with the line, ‘I steal cars for a living,’ whilst smiling. What do you even say to that? The first thing I thought to say was ‘well don’t steal mine’ before I got up and walked away.

But what about what us ladies want? I want to find a nice old fashioned gentleman. The kind that would never curse in front of a lady and give up his coat in the rain. But now when it’s raining you have builders leaning out of van windows whistling because your top has gone a little bit see through or cars full of young guys thinking it’s hilarious to drive through the biggest puddle which happens to be just where you’re walking. Is this the modern day gentleman?

Maybe I’ve been watching too many films or reading too many books because I’m expecting my very own Mr Darcy to pop up about any second now and sweep me off my feet. Realistically, at the minute, I’m lucky if one guy writes ‘You’re fit’ on my profile picture. I haven’t met a man that has proven me wrong yet. Do I really have to go out and find a sixty year old man if I’m desperate for a true gentleman? I hope not.

Ladies, I know you’re with me on this one. We all want that man that will never look elsewhere, that will provide and look after us, but although it may seem like this, I am not defending women. Maybe the men are like they are because women these days seem to go out on a night wearing something similar to a pair of knickers and a bra. How often do you look at them and think ‘someone forgot to get dressed today’ and sadly they are the women that get the attention. Probably the wrong attention, but still. We that wear full dresses and tights are pushed to the side, and for what? Being respectable? I’m sorry, someone remind me to whip off my dress next time I go out and leave my dignity at the door.

This reminded me of when I was watching Titanic 3D the other week where the ship is sinking and they only let women and children on the life boats first. I would love for this to be re-enacted today. All I can see are the women queuing to get on the boats and then men shoving them out the way to get to there first. But, we’re in a society now where the idea of men and women being equal is pushed on us. Maybe I should realise that society has moved on and I will always have to pull out my own chair.

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