'Never refuse an invitation, never resist the unfamiliar, never fail to be polite and never outstay your welcome. Just keep your mind open and suck in the experience. And if it hurts, you know what? It's probably worth it.' - Richard, The Beach

It seems that a drive to explore has been embedded within human nature since time began, with history documenting discovery, travel and expansion across the globe throughout the human race’s existence here on Earth. But in recent decades it appears that times are changing, with the whole concept of travel becoming an organised amalgamation of booked flights, pre-planned ‘adventures’ and tourist destinations with less culture than you can shake a flip-flop at.


I was wide awake. My veins were pumping ferociously with vitality. Hermes, God of Travel – hear my cry! Journeying since 0400 hours, I had made my way to Manchester airport. Hermes hadn’t let me down yet, but the fight with Cruel Lady Distance wasn’t over yet. It had only just begun. At the moment we were merely toying with one another – the thumb war of travel. A taxi ride was nothing. I wanted to get right to the Tyson – Holyfield ear-biting juice of it all. I wasn’t even on the plane yet, and the bus, train, other train and walk that came after to get to Maastricht didn’t exactly stir my loins with anticipation.

In Freshers week. there were the big three conversation starters everyone had to go through a thousand times: Name? From? Course? Then, formalities over and provided the answer wasn’t “Humphrey, Buckinghamshire, Harry Potter Studies” you could talk like normal people about whatever you wanted. A common interest is found with a lot of people in travelling. It seems nearly everyone I spoke to in that first week had been or had ambitions to go travelling. Whether this meant dreams of three weeks partying around south-east Asia or a planned year-long culture crawl in South America, the general idea was the same: ‘Travelling is good, I want to do it.’ Was this just people hyped up on Fresher’s friendliness, happy to enthuse about something they actually had never considered? Or do modern students see travelling as the ultimate good time and a part of the student experience?

Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents; a program showing young people enjoying a boozy holiday with their friends, blissfully unaware that their parents are secretly watching their antics from nearby and sneaking into their children’s hotel to see how well they are living on their own. All this comes before the parents confront their children about all the embarrassingly shameful things that they have witnessed. It’s cringe worthy and spine-chilling to think about our parents knowing what we get up to on a boozy holiday, never mind them actually being there and watching us. 


SUMMER. One of the only words in the English language capable of inducing a heart-thumping adrenaline rush throughout our wild and wonderful student body.

And why not? Whether you’re in your first or final year of study, the long-awaited summer break brings promises of sun, sea, sand and most importantly, freedom. Yet not all of us wish to spend our summer participating in the sequel to The Inbetweeners Movie but some of us are searching for something with a little more WOW-factor; something to walk away from with more than just a week-long hangover. 

We’ve been having glimpses of the summer sun but you can’t be sure to what you’re going to get when it comes to the great British weather. Unpredictable would be an understatement. Nonetheless, the summer is pretty much upon us and I’m sure a good chunk of our loans have been invested in tickets for festivals, be it local such as Leeds or Creamfields, or ones overseas like Benicassim or Outlook.
As someone who's been to more than their fair share of festivals, I'll give you some insight into what you need to know for the international festival scene. You’ve got the local festivals which attract masses of people, and by ‘local’, I mean British, gritty, hardcore. I mean festivals where the weather doesn’t stop you but you’re pretty unlikely to get sunburned. These carry with them a variety of musical talent from indie to dance, from hip hop through to dubstep; whatever your preference, be sure that you will find a festival to fit.

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