Bonnie Stuart

Bonnie Stuart

I am a student going into my third year at Newcastle University studying English Literature and Philosophy, I currently live in Leeds with my family and like every 21 year old I cannot wait to move out and regain my independence. I hope to make a name for myself in the music industry when my time comes. I enjoy typewritten letters and attempting to play the keyboard. My favorite book is Winnie the Pooh. One day I would like to start my own music festival.

Following a recent news follow up on a Linkin Park gig in Cape Town, it has been reported that a woman has died, and 19 others injured as a result of a Lucozade billboard collapsing on to a group of unsuspecting fans just before Linkin Park were due to come on stage.

It is 9am on Sunday morning; you are sitting at your laptop, hope and faith in one hand, a budding sense of bitter disappointment and sorrow in the other. Repeating to yourself that this has to be the year, it will be your year; the clock strikes and your nimble fingers get to work. Refresh, refresh, refresh. Sound familiar? Of course, this is the nail-biting occasion that is Glastonbury ticket sales day. The years of preparation, the festival going, the building up to the British festival may all be in vain.

According to a recent NUS survey, half of students do part time work, such as bar and pub work, in order to help fund their studies, suggesting that almost two thirds of these students work up to 11 hours a week in addition to the hours put in for their course. These statistics beg the question, has it become a necessity for some students to have a job whilst at University?

This weekend, I felt proud to be British. What a spectacle the world was treated to at the Olympics opening ceremony. Thanks to the genius that is Danny Boyle, us Brits finally felt we had something to celebrate. After a tumultuous year of financial depression, political scandal and disastrous weather, it feels good that we can come together as a nation and celebrate what it is to be British. 

Admittedly this may not be a phrase we would normally see in connection with the modern day drinking culture, particularly amongst students, but it would seem that there is a light at the end of the squalid, drunken haze of a tunnel which is student life. With the rise of independent bars and microbreweries, particularly in and around Leeds, it is not surprising that a new thirst for difference has arisen amongst beer lovers.

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