Elliot Powell

Elliot Powell

Words on a page, are just words on a page. Just words on a page.


There are some of us who have been over-exuberant this year, who have stretched ourselves on rent and, myself included in this bracket, are still just financially irresponsible, relying on a weekly parental allowance to fund a social life. For students as such, summer will be consumed slaving away close to a minimum wage, under some knuckle-head who left school as a nobody. Don’t be fooled, for they have developed into a high and mighty supervisor with a superiority-complex. Because of our necessity to make a dint in the overdraft which is extended to its limit, we must sacrifice our freedom. My previous experience tells me that your perseverance is enlightening. A summer spent in such conditions, only serves to increase ones motivation to gain a good solid degree. Coincidentally, this summer is a specific demonstration as to why we are all striving for a greater education. Oddly enough, this comes in the shape of the imminent start to Euro 2012 hosted in Ukraine and Poland. 

 - By Elliot Powell

Although the field is somewhat limited, one of the best decisions made in my life was at the naïve age of seventeen. Instead of revising a third topic for my imminent Law exam (always a crammer), to play safe and secure the grade I needed for acceptance into the University of Manchester, I gambled. Instead of aimlessly writing and vomiting words onto a page about a subject I hadn’t the faintest about, I saved myself the embarrassment. I relieved from the exam marker the excruciating pain of reading another disjointed paper that repeated ‘of which’ and ‘therefore’ more than a thousand times. I plainly wrote, ‘I didn’t revise this topic, I am now going to Leeds’. I must state, I have proclaimed it was the best decision I ever made, but after dealing with a summer of disgusted looks and the sense of sheer disappointment from my parents, it certainly did not feel like it. However I am thinking their refusal to feed me let alone be seen in public has all been worth it.

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