Top Ten YouTube Videos of 2011

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Some people are simply very good at YouTube. If that's even a skill.


Take the owners of the following ten videos, for example. They've just been announced as the top ten most watched videos in the UK on YouTube, having been watched tens of millions of times. And, very handily for you, we've compiled them all into one handy page right here.


Some are weird, some are hilarious, one is a bit rude, and the rest are just genius. Enjoy...


10) TomSka - asdfmovie4
A very weird mix of super-short sketches, which are both random and hilarious in equal measure!



9) Talking Twin Babies - Part 2
Like Ronseal, this video does exactly what it says on the tin. Although, it kind of reminds us of what we're like after a few pints...

8) Rebecca Black - Friday (Brock's Dub)
Somehow, this bloke has made Friday not only a bearable song, but a damn funny one, too.

7) Diary Of A Bad Man 5
A slightly strange mockumentary-style diary of a self-proclaimed "bad man". One of the few videos that you may have missed throughout the year.

6) Swede Mason - Masterchef Synesthesia
Awesome dubstep-style mash-up of clips from Masterchef. Altogether now, "I like the buttery biscuit base!"

5) Michael Collings' Britain's Got Talent Audition
Even though it was your girlfriend that probably forced you to watch this video one or ten times, you can't deny his voice isn't half bad...


4) Nyan Cat
A mix of the two vital things for YouTube success: a cat (albeit digital) and a annoyingly catchy tune.

3) Songify This - Winning
A genius song featuring all of the now-crazy Charlie Sheen's best quotes. This is what Auto-Tune was made for!

2) The T-Mobile Royal Wedding
A viral advert spoofing the Royal Wedding. This would've made much better viewing on the big day, rather than the borefest we had to endure whilst sitting around in our pants.

1) Ultimate Dog Tease
Absolute class - this is a deserved winner in the viewing stakes for 2011. An owner talks over his dog's mouth movements, whilst he taunts him about what he had for lunch. A must watch.




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