Invasion Angels

Written by  Carl Jr



And we couldn't be happier. The Angels are fronted by Miss Holly Muldoon, Amy Green and Emily Cheadle... and to be honest, we can't think of a better thing to happen to smelly old England than to be invaded by these beautiful babes.


You may remember Holly from our feature on her a while back, which you can check out by CLICKING HERE. Now times that foxy broad by 3 and even Einstein would struggle with the outcome.


We know what you're thinking. "I'd love to go to Ibiza and party on down with them!" Well guess what fellas? You can! Head on over to now and book your place on the holiday of a life time.


Want more of the Invasion Angels? Wanna see where their battle plan has them heading next? ARE YOU IN FACT A HOT FEISTY FEMALE YOURSELF AND WANT TO ENTER A COMPETITION TO JOIN THE RANKS OF THE INVASION ANGELS?!

If you answered yes to any of the above, head on over to their official Facebook page by CLICKING HERE, and get invaded all over your face. Lovely.


Written for by Carl Jr


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