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Are you ready for some Wednesday Mischief? Since the exit of Gatecrasher last year to much speculation as to its long awaited return as Club Bed.  With new Décor, Lighting, and Dj's this is a night that we would love to tell you all about but are as much in the dark as you are.  9th November is the Mischief Launch Party at Bed and all we know is that this Wednesday event has always been a blinder,  but the question is, how will it fair against the great small club Jager drinking fest' that is The Bomb - Faversham, and the Super Club extravaganza experience of I Love Wednesdays at Oceana.  Wednesday has never been an easy night to dominate, with every sports society in Leeds tearing up the City Centre the low price high energy competition puts this night through the roof every single week.

If you are thinking about hitting this launch party, The Bomb or Oceana with a group this Wednesday, get a hold of BounceSIN on Facebook and we will get you more exclusive deals than you even knew were possible.  9th Nov is a big one - not advised for those of a weak nature or a weak bladder!

- Chris

Christopher Clarke

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