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Firstly, welcome to the new site! We hope you and all your friends like it and take full advantage of the vast amount of features we can now offer. Some of our favourites are:  


The music section that allows you to upload your tracks with the potential to securing a record contract. The finer details of this are still being negotiated but you will be the first to know when it is. So why not get your sets/songs up today to be at the front of the queue? This one is not one to be missed!


The Community section allows you to link in with everything that is going on in the Bouncesin world, from holidays to nights out, make sure you don't miss a single thing.



WE WANT YOU! Yes, we need more staff than even before to work as part of the BounceSIN team. So if you are enthusiatic, love events and a good night out then we could have a perfect positions for you on our new jobs section. New jobs become available all the time for various companies so make sure you regualry check out what is going on.


There is much more to come so watch this space and we will drag you kicking and screaming through some of the best times of your life.


Much Love


The BounceSIN Team

Christopher Clarke

Hey, Chris here! Welcome to Where are you going tonight?


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