5 ways to get over the third year lull!

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Living through the third year lull?

If you have graduated or are in third year now you may know of the feeling of the third year lull, the initial excitement of starting back at University, or Christmas have faded into the all too distant past, leaving us instead to live in a reality of declined job applications, a never ending dissertation to slog away at and not forgetting the rapidly decreasing amount of nights out. But instead of sitting on the sofa sulking, emerging yourself in the ultimate lows of television viewing to avoid your own depressing reality, why not give some of these excellent free indoor activities ago to awaken your inner fresher that is dying to come and introduce themselves once again.


1. Make a den, because quite simply sleeping and just generally slobbing has never been so fun!

2. Obstacle courses are an absolute must, I’m talking how many layers can you put on before you army crawl under a duvet, weave in-between your kitchen chairs and then run up the stairs to bump down them in a sleeping bag. You know its appealing to you, you can even have a leader board of times to bring your houses inner competitive streak out to play.

3. Treasure hunts, Easter is coming up so Easter egg hunts are extremely relevant, you get to run around your house like a mad man and also get chocolate out of it. I don’t really know what more you could want.

4. Themed evenings are also excellent fun such as; come dine with me, Anti-pasti, Casino just to name a few!

5. Another way to spice up your seemingly lull, when you feel like you haven’t taken part in human interaction for what seems like a lifetime is what I liked to call 20 minuting. Which is basically when you text a group of friends ordering them to be at a certain venue within 20 minutes, they then have to drop everything there are doing and rush to the venue because the last one there suffers a major forfeit.


Suziee Cassels

19 year old Newcastle University student

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