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‘Neck nomination’ appears to be the newest social media craze on the scene and the trend has become hugely popular among students in particular.  For those who haven’t seen these videos filling up their news feeds the basic premise is this: when you get nominated you have 24 hours to down a quantity of alcohol and upload a video of this onto Facebook. You then get to nominate someone of your choice and so the game goes on.


This new fad feeds right in to the image of a having a wild, party animal lifestyle as a student. Following other crazes of recent years like the Cinnamon Challenge, it also works as a dare, and a chance to prove yourself. Peer pressure here is rife, because you get nominated it isn’t necessarily easy to just stay away from it. If you don’t play you become a cop out.


But is it worth it? The pressures of drinking games on a planned night out are bad enough, but downing half a bottle of wine when you are just in the house and have work or lectures the next morning is significantly less fun. What would happen if you turned up to your tutorial or a shift at work drunk or throwing up? And while we are at it, we can consider the consequences of future employers digging up these videos too.


On an even more serious aspect, within less than a week of the game becoming really popular, there have been reports of the first death in connection to it. Reports from the Irish Mirror on 1st Feb claim a 23 year old student in Dublin was found unconscious and later died. It is believed that he had participated in the game using whiskey the night before.


Members of his family have appealed to the public for others not to engage in this game because of the consequences and many alcohol awareness groups have condemned the game due to the serious health risks it can cause. Though we often hear this kind of message about the horrors of binge drinking, we can see that this game is taking the risk to a whole new level. We know it’s part of the student lifestyle to enjoy a good night out. It’s certainly not uncommon to have too much to drink. Students are notorious for thinking nothing bad will ever happen to them. Really though, is downing large quantities of alcohol, particularly spirits not just pushing this a bit too far?


The Irish Mirror quoted a Facebook user who has purportedly called it ‘the social drinking game for social media.’ But exactly what is social about this? It’s not a drink down the pub with mates or even a night out clubbing. Most people participating are filmed in their own homes.


Without wanting to preach on deaf ears, this challenge is completely out of hand. Never mind simply being a bad idea in the first place, we are seeing real consequences of it. When I say don’t participate I might sound like a killjoy, I know it’s hard to be the one person who ruins all the fun. Equally, it won’t be fun if you get pulled into uni for discipline, or if you get the sack. And if you still think you are invincible, seriously think about it properly, do you really want to save face at the risk of losing your life?  

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