Don't Worry Syria, We'll Save You....On Second Thoughts...Maybe Not Featured

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In the past week, two shocking events have gripped Western Society . The first is Miley Cyrus and her gyrating derrière; the other, a the two year long civil war in Syria which has killed thousands and left hundreds of thousands as refugees. Who knew that twerking and chemical weapons could co-exist so peacefully? It’s difficult to say which has received more press attention: Twerking or chemical weapons of mass destruction. Overall, it appears twerking is the overall winner, in the confines of Twitter anyway. Well, at least we've got our priorities in order.


In  2010, The Arab Spring swept across the Northern Africa and the Far East. Countries such as Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Yemen rebelled against the dictators that oppressed them and claimed their liberty. When Syria followed suite, it tore the country into a state of civil war that has lasted for the past two years. In this time, the Syrian government has perpetuated crimes against humanity, ravaging the country and their own people in the process. At the helm of the tyrannical regime stands President Bashar Al Assad who makes Attila the Hun look like Mister Blobby.   


On the 21st August, Bashar and his cohort were accused of using chemical weapons against their people, sparking outrage which caused the world’s leading forces to sit up and pay attention. They've even considered actually doing something about the crisis instead of sitting at home saying ‘oh dear, look at Syria, what a mess!’. It’s also the reason why Obama is pissed off at Bashar and co and is contemplating using the iron fist of America to put everything to rights. Huzzah and God Bless America. Unusually, America’s lapdog (The British Government) hasn’t decided to tag along this time, which is funny because we can never usually refuse an opportunity to go into a Middle Eastern country and do whatever the hell we like to it. 


However, America being America says full steam ahead and let’s blow the be-Jesus out of them anyway. This all sounds very familiar; America invading a Middle Eastern country to save its people from the rule of an oppressive and violent dictator. Yeah, you got it, Iraq - who could forget that old chestnut?


On the other hand, it would appear that America is damned if it does and damned if it doesn’t. If it does, it’s seen as an imperialist and dominating force, intent of meddling in issues that don’t concern them. However, if they don’t, then they leave Syria in the hands of dictator who’s proved that killing the odd thousand citizen or two isn’t going to keep him awake at night.  


Add in the fact that America are afraid of arming jihadists, who are hi-jacking the war on the side of the rebels, and you have yourself a complex web of: war, religion, weapons, dictatorship and a whole host of countries that don’t appear to know what they’re doing. Well not at the present time, anyway. After untangling this aforementioned web, Barack's got to make a decision to make; which, either way, will change the face of Syria for a very long time. Don’t worry though Bashar, you can sleep safely in your bed till the 9th of September, as that’s when Congress gets back from getting tanned on holiday and takes a little vote. Because, as well all know, if your going to invade a Middle Eastern country you may as well have a  nice healthy glow and look good doing it 


Joanna Bateson-Hill

Originating from Brixton, London, I study Theatre and Performance at University of Leeds. I love everything to do with film, theatre and most of all writing, with the occasional bit of swimming thrown in for good measure. I hope to write articles that make people laugh but also make them think. To me, writing is a fun, cheap and healthier form of therapy. I hope that people have as much fun reading my articles as I do writing them, which is a lot.


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