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Michaella McCollum Connolly and Melissa Reid as they were arrested Michaella McCollum Connolly and Melissa Reid as they were arrested

Ibiza: party central and also the recent centre of attention as we uncover its drug trafficking secret.


Ibiza is one of Britain’s teenagers top holiday destinations, known as the party island it certainly lives up to its name, but in recent events a dark secret has risen from its cheap alco-pops, scantily clad girls and house music. Drugs play a huge part on the Balearic Island, it’s what the teenagers use to fuel their nights out and anyone who didn’t realise that has been hiding under a rock somewhere, but aside from that; it’s the drug dealing and smuggling that has got Ibiza into a spot of bother. In recent news we've seen two young women Melissa Reid and Michaella McCollum Connolly being accused of knowingly smuggling 1.5 million pounds worth of cocaine out of Peru. The women say they were kidnapped from Ibiza where both of them were working and living then forced to smuggle drugs at gun point.


Around 700,000 Britons travel to Ibiza every year, and one in three of those aged between 16 and 34 takes drugs during their visit – This makes this place a prime spot for drug dealers and traffickers. Many Brits travel out to Ibiza to work in bars and clubs or as promoters, but the pay is dismal and many struggle to pay rent. This is where the drug gangs come in, surprisingly most of them Britons themselves, praying on girls that parade the streets in dangerous heals and tight clothing as night club promoters, they provide them with drugs to sell to make a little bit of extra cash to pay. ‘Its easy money’ says one girl. But it’s all fun and games until you’re groomed and shipped off to Columbia to be a ‘drug girl’.


Shockingly the Ibiza police turn a blind eye to all of this. Not to mention they say their tourist industry depends on the drug trade. No drugs means no tourists.


But it’s no secret in Ibiza that drug smuggling is easy for them, one holiday maker says he knows of friends who willingly and gladly smuggle drugs for gangs ‘they give you cash and you get a week of luxury in Peru’ he says. ‘For every 1 person who is caught there are ten who get away’. These teenagers get a buzz at the risk of being caught but when they are, claim they were forced. This now poses some questions about Reid and Connolly; were they really forced or were they naïve party goers looking for some extra cash. In my eyes if you’re stupid enough to think that drug smuggling is a great idea, you deserve to be caught.

Emma Phimister

20 year old Student from Leeds. Currently studying Drama at Hull Uni.

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