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Over the weekend, pictures have emerged of Britain’s favourite curvy chef Nigella Lawson, and her art mogul husband Charles Saatchi having what the latter describes as a ‘playful tiff’. This ‘tiff’ consists of him placing his hands round her neck on four different occasions, as well as tweaking her quite roughly on the nose. Suzanna Moore from the Guardian managed to hit the nail on the head when it came to the great debate over the pictures with the words ‘if it's a 'playful tiff', what does a serious one look like?'


The Oxford Dictionary describes a ‘tiff’ thus:  Noun, Informal ‘a petty quarrel especially between friends or lovers’. Now I’ve had many a quarrel or tiff in my time, with friends, boyfriend, family members, random members of the public; I’ve even had the odd quarrel with a pet or two.  And yes, we've all been in a situation where things get heated, voices are raised, doors are slammed and even the odd slap has been administered in the heat of the moment. However no matter how bad the aforementioned quarrels have become, it has never resulted in the placing of hands around somebody else’s neck.


Mr. Saatchi states that ‘I was just trying to emphasize my point’, which has left me wondering ‘What the hell was your point then?' Because if you feel the need to demonstrate it with a chokehold, I’m guessing it wasn’t ‘Let’s go  on  a mini-break to Paris’. Unless Nigella is planning on abandoning her career and becoming a WWF wrestler; in which case Charles was showing her the correct use of chokehold, there’s no real way that his actions can be seen as plausible or acceptable.


I am quite in agreement that when it comes to celebrities and marriages, people should be given their own privacy. A lot of spiel has come out that it’s nobody else's business but Charles and Nigellas. However, this happened in a public place, in broad daylight, in Mayfair. It’s also not just as simple as your usual headline fodder about drunken wannabe celebs throwing verbal diarrhoea at each other outside Makihi. It shouldn't matter that either of them are famous. It SHOULD matter that a man, whether intentionally or not used threatening and intimidating behaviour towards a woman. Famous, joe public, rich/poor, publicly or behind closed doors; abuse is still abuse. It’s not big and it’s not clever.



Joanna Bateson-Hill

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