Tulisa and The Drugs Sting, Why Are We All Acting Like We’re So Surprised?

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Oh Tulisa, You Silly Sausage Oh Tulisa, You Silly Sausage

Last week, Tuslia Contostavlos or to those of you that don’t know her; that girl from N Dubz and the X-Factor who is bare hard, was arrested after the she was caught offering to buy coke for a Sun Newspaper reporter.


It’s a tale as old as time really. A red top newspaper, under the thinly disguised veil of morality, has decided that they’re bored with flashing the odd tit or two on page three and instead what their paper really needs is a good old celebrity drugs bust. This way they can claim they’re protecting the kids as well as selling loads of copies of their 30p newspapers in the process.  


In 2005, The Daily Mirror pictured Kate Moss getting friendly with the white stuff. Months ago, the fashion world’s golden girl Cara Delevingne was pictured with a suspicious looking white substance falling out her bag. What puzzles me is: Why are we all acting so surprised? These people have a lot of money; usually more than sense. They’re also quite young. If you ask most 18-25 years whether they take drugs on a recreational basis, the answer will probably be ‘yes’. If you add money, youth and a world in which being thin and socially cool together, do you really expect them to be reading the Bible and having a hot chocolate before tucking in at 10.30?


I’m not trying to defend what Tulisa did. Number 1: I find her annoying and detest everything she stands for. Number 2.  It’s not a good message to promote to all those Tulisa mini me’s, and I don’t really understand why she did it in the first place. If you’re getting paid millions of pounds to get tarted up every Saturday night and tell some wannabe their voice made you cry, do you really need to sell drugs? Or was she just being charitable to the drug dealers of London, ensuring that their business doesn't suffer in these harsh economic times.  

What Tulisa did wasn't legal, but let’s face it, the worst she’s probably going to get is slap on the wrist from Simon Cowell telling her not to do it again and told to do an apology statement to her fans saying that’s she’s let them all down. The Sun in the meantime, will still be able to champion the code of fair play and moral ethics pretending they didn’t hack into people’s private message for the sake of sensationalist press.  

Joanna Bateson-Hill

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