The Woolwich Tragedy: Fundamentalist B*llshit Branded As Islamic Justice. Featured

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The Woolwich Tragedy: Fundamentalist B*llshit Branded as Islamic Justice.

This week bore witness to yet another act of fundamentalist extremism ‘justified’ by religious rhetoric. Every sentient human being in the UK is united in sympathy for the family of Lee Rigby; Drummer of the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers who was brutally murdered by London based Muslim extremists.


I wouldn’t blame people for their initial reaction being one of annoyance and disdain for Muslims. Every time we watch the news, there seems to be an incident involving a pesky Muslim terrorising something or another, and the loudest spokesmen of the Muslim world tend to be moronic, hook-handed freaks babbling ‘Islamic’ gibberish whilst burning the American flag. But believe me when I say that those exact feelings of contempt are shared by the majority of Muslim Brits, who, like me, want to once and for all surgically remove themselves from the cancerous tumour that is Islamic fundamentalism.

Islamic fundamentalism is a socio-political movement that distorts the Quran to justify its actions. It is by no means in accordance with the Quran and has absolutely no bearing on the lives of the vast majority of practising Muslims.

Fundamentalists of all denominations have, and always will, use some form of ‘evidence’ to justify their actions, be it religious or otherwise. Hitler’s Nazi movement used the ‘scientific’ concept of Eugenics to justify his purification of the German race, and the state of Israel justified the displacement of native Palestinians to form a Jewish state based on a promise God made to them thousands of years ago. In both cases, the ‘evidence’ is used to excuse the actions of the groups who seek to achieve socio-political goals.

Fundamentalist Islam is no different. In this case, the cause for the attack is the socio-political motivation to lash out at the British army for its involvement in what the attackers see as unjust wars on their people. Twisted views of components of the Muslim faith, such as Jihad, serve as the basis of justification for violence, not the cause.

Ironically, these acts of violence tend to be detrimental to the faith they so vehemently claim to be defending. The vast majority of good, practising Muslims have to deal with the outcry from such disgusting acts, such as English Defence League marches and indiscriminate racism. It is time to alienate fundamentalism of all kinds and join together to eliminate it. Call me crazy, but I think extremism against extremism is the way forward.




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