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Not the fault of Jason Collins Not the fault of Jason Collins

A tornado has recently ravaged Oklahoma America. Homes and lives have been destroyed and according to the BBC, the death toll stands at 24.  If the shattered people of Oklahoma are looking for someone to blame then they should look no further than God and Jason Collins. But this is all according to the Westboro Baptist Church. Yep, they’re back and more homophobic and bigoted than ever! 

On Monday a tornado hit Oklahoma, with winds up to 200mph an hour. You don’t have to be a scientific genius to figure out that Oklahoma isn’t in a good state at the moment with  9 children dying when the roof was blown off their school and horses being blown into the stratosphere by a twister that had a path of 1.3 miles. If you’re not that great at maths - that’s really really long.

Now, normally, horrific acts of nature: tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunami’s, forest fires, floods etc have some form of scientific reasoning behind them, even if they do come from nowhere. They’re not usually caused because a member of Washington Wizards basketball team decided to tell the world that he was gay and God therefore thought “Oh no, I’m going to have to f**k some shi*t up."

But according to the Westboro Baptist Church, this is exactly what happened. God saw that a young man had decided to celebrate his sexuality and took an entire month to plot his revenge. Eventually he decided to go for Oklahoma, even though Jason Collins is from North Carolina. Congratulations Westboro, I mean the rest of us really should have seen that one coming.

However, because I am sane, I’ve noticed there are just a few tinny little holes in Fred Phelps and his fruit loops argument:

1.     God doesn’t care if you’re gay.  His love is for all and he just wants us all to get along.

2.     Even if he did, which he doesn’t , he wouldn’t send a tornado. He’s God, he could smite anybody he wanted.

3.     Tornadoes are caused because of climatic conditions, not because God was bored/angry.

Right, well I think that one’s been cleared up then hasn’t it? Tragic tornado, act of nature and not the fault of Jason Collins. Now if you don’t mind, Westboro Baptist Church. the people of Oklahoma don’t really need this sort of sh*t, they’re too busy trying to rebuild their lives.

Joanna Bateson-Hill

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