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In Kentucky, America  a five year old boy has shot his two year old sister dead with his own gun.  You still sure you need your guns America?

This tragic event has a few bizarre twists to it. Firstly, the boy was given the gun as a gift. Apparently in Kentucky that’s what you do. 

The Sherriff in charge of the case stated that, 'it was just one of those crazy accidents.’  To me, this doesn’t scream  ‘crazy’.  If you give a child an object that’s primary object is to kill other people what the eff do you expect? According to the children’s grandmother ‘It was god's will. It was her time to go.’ Yep,  it was really her time to go. Being two years old she must have accomplished a lot and done all the things most human beings dream of.

Now I know what you’re thinking: Who the hell buys a fire year old the present of a gun? But this is the dear U. S of A here.  Not only can you buy guns here  but you can buy guns specially targeted at children. The wonderful company Keystone Sporting Arms have realised that children’s toys are a little on the dull side  these days and have decided to spice the market up with a lovely range of firearms called The Cricket Range, My First Rifle  which can come in a multitude of colours. 

In an assortment of blues and pinks, young children all over America no longer have to worry about their firearm being the most boring in the playground. Keystone Sporting Arms have even designed a charming Kid’s corner along with a lovely little logo of a cartoon cricket holding a rifle just to underline the fact that these weapons are specifically designed for children.

I think we can all agree that America seriously needs to sort out their arms policy so that guns don’t end up in the hands of an age group that can’t even multiply yet,  so that this sort of sh*t doesn’t happen again. A little boy will be plagued for the rest of his life knowing that he killed his sister because an Arms Company realised there’s a gap in the  market to sell colourful guns to children and their  moronic parents .  To me, that’s just plain old f**ked up.


Joanna Bateson-Hill

Originating from Brixton, London, I study Theatre and Performance at University of Leeds. I love everything to do with film, theatre and most of all writing, with the occasional bit of swimming thrown in for good measure. I hope to write articles that make people laugh but also make them think. To me, writing is a fun, cheap and healthier form of therapy. I hope that people have as much fun reading my articles as I do writing them, which is a lot.


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