Primark, Adidas: Are We Becoming Desensitised To Scandals?

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With news of Katie Price's love life, stories of a footballer committing adultery or even a multi-million pound corporation committing some sort of labour felony, hitting our headlines every single day, those cynical individuals among us are suggesting that we just don’t care about real issues anymore.

As headlines hit last week of the recent tragedy in Primark’s factory in Bangladesh where at least 175 people were killed with many more being seriously injured, one of the biggest debates was whether people would still shop in Primark? Does it make us unethical and lacking in morality? Or is it the Media's fault?

The media are constantly exaggerating and sensationalising stories to gain interest and readership, so we are left helplessly squirming, trying to find the truth amidst the mess of deceit created by the ‘awful’ journalists. Whether or not we care is irrelevant to the undeniable fact that, as a society, we are now hard to shock or horrify.

But surely we aren’t that dead inside, if we can sit and cry at the notebook can we not take a minute to think of the disastrous treatment of people in far of lands in order for our clothes to be as cheap as chips (please excuse the pun). 

Are we unaffected or unaware of these happenings or are we just not yet willing to resist our trusty store. After all where are else are you going to get a mini mouse onesie from?

Many were surprised to see the recent drama unfolding in Newcastle upon Tyne. Recently the students at the university have kicked off on an enormous scale (we're talking Facebook protest pages and articles in the student newspaper) about the potential sponsorship their University was hoping to gain with the scandal ridden sports brand, Adidas. The students not only dislike the idea of being made so corporate with very little benefits (the deal only provides two scholarships) their main issue is the ethical problems surrounding the company.

So hopefully this can show to the potentially more negative portion of society that students are not just a portion of society who spend their time wearing pyjamas and drinking a lot of alcohol; they do have opinions and ‘extremely vital and important’ points to make (the people with these views clearly haven’t sat in a room with a group of slightly more obnoxious students debating the issues of the world and insisting their point is distinctly ground breaking and obviously right).

This is if the numerous student protests for the rising costs of education or homophobia issues did not already act to prove this point, obviously tactically ignoring the protestor's found with signs referencing Harry Potter characters; ‘Dumbledore wouldn’t let this happen!’. 

For the rest of society who knows? Can we really go on blaming the recession for our continued shopping in these fraudulent companies? Needless to say I doubt we will ever become these robotic individuals that are unaffected by pain and have no opinion of note; anyone who has spent any amount of time on twitter or reading YouTube comments will know that people really are rather angry; telling other individuals they're fat, ugly, the works because they didn’t appreciate the video of Justin Beibs they posted. 

Suziee Cassels

19 year old Newcastle University student

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