Waiting To Be Heard: A Tale Of Injustice or A Tale For The Highest Bidder

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When Amanda Knox first travelled to Perugia Italy, I’m guessing that being arrested, tried and supposedly falsely imprisoned for the murder of Meredith Kercher wasn’t top on her list of priorities for her year abroad. Now, the publisher’s  at Harper Collins have realized that there’s a quick quid or two to be made in the telling of her very unique and disturbing  story.


Whilst I get that the whole wrongly incarcerated, media expose, she devil murdering thing can’t have been all that fun to live with for the past  few years, making 2.5 million out of the whole thing seems to leave a bad taste in the mouth.

It’s not because I don’t think she should be able to put her side of the story across, she should. According to the court of law she has suffered injustice and deserves a chance to set the record straight. My problem is that her autobiography would appear to read like a Jackie Collins novel more than a sincere attempt of a young woman to tell her story of injustice to the world.

Quotes from '‘Waiting To Be Heard' include that, whilst in Perguia,  ‘marijuana was a common as pasta’ and she ‘felt proud of her one night stands’.  However she also ‘really hopes they [Meredith’s family] will read my book.' Whilst she might seem to mean very well, she doesn’t quite seem to grasp the fact that reading a very long book describing lot of hedonistic activities committed by the person you believe killed your daughter, might not be the Kercher family’s top priority.

Because it is they who should still have the focus . Knox’s good looks and pleasure seeking ventures have made every sensationalist writer’s field day. But there’s still the fact that a family lost their daughter and sister in pretty horrific circumstances. In the furore over who dun-it, the media seem to of forgotten the Kercher family, placing more emphasis on the suspects and less on of the memory of the victim. 

Joanna Bateson-Hill

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