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America is famous for some of its wacky, zealous and plain outrageous ideas, laws and people. One of the weirdest things to come out of the USA this week is 18 new signs put up in Florida. Sounds fairly normal... until you take a closer look at the reflective red items that mark properties in the Bradford County with a huge warning. The signs name and shame convicted sexual predators and inform people that they live in the houses they are placed in front of.

Under Florida Statute, the police department are required to inform residents of any sex offenders in their jurisdiction. Clearly. a Facebook warning page and visiting people at home wasn’t enough, and Sheriff Gordon Smith has embarked on a campaign of public branding.

As inhumane as it may sound, the convicted criminals clearly cannot hide from the terrible crimes they’ve committed. A convicted sexual predator living in the area even stated he didn’t have an issue with the signs, but was quick to state ‘I’ve done learned my lesson. I don’t do things like that anymore.’ Bradford County’s Sheriff is proud of his work and stated, 'if it prevents one more victim in my community, I've done my job as sheriff.’ His unsympathetic nature to the arguably deserving criminals saw him tell them to move if they were so unhappy with the signs.

The signs, costing only $10 each, take the idea of protection to another level, and to some it is unnecessary. No doubt, certain areas of Florida will feel the effects of less tourism and less interest in properties.

However, the signs seem like child’s play compared to a law, still legally in place, in Florida which states showering naked is illegal, as is farting in a public place... But don't worry it's only illegal after 6pm.

Amelia Sweeney

I'm an English Lit and Greek Civilisation student at the University of Leeds and I am a complete self-confessed film and book fanatic.

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