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Danny Cipriani gets hit by 2.24 buses a week Danny Cipriani gets hit by 2.24 buses a week

On the night of the 24th April, Danny Cipriani of Sale Sharks and former England fly half, was hit by a bus.  Danny was flexing his drinking capability by competing in the Olympics of Leeds drinking trials, the Otley run.  As you would expect, he died on impact, because he was hit by a bus…

You would have been forgiven for making this assumption; students pushing themselves too hard on the ultimate trial of drinking masculinity, and playing chicken with a four wheeled juggernaut, is not an uncommon story.  Danny, however, is not a student, he is a 91kg, half Trinidadian, Kelly Brook hammering tank, so he suffered a mild concussion.  Most students would be on breathing apparatus if a BMX hit them, but most students don’t have to take 10 – 15 tackles from 95kg beasts several times a week. 

Student Matt Bailey was on the bus that got the honour of hitting Danny and said to BounceSIN "I didn't really see it, felt the smash, saw the state of the front of the window but I was too busy watching this guy dressed as a lion crying, being consoled by an oompa loompa, it was surreal."


Throwing together a quick physics analysis of a week in the life of Danny Cipriani:

"95kg male hitting at him at 4m/s^2 15 times a game is 380N.  A professional rugby player trains 5 times a week, so Danny sustains around: 28,500N every week."

"The bus that hit Danny weighs 6350kg and would have been accelerating 2m/s^2, and there was only one of it, resulting in a hit of around: 12,700N."


So, based on this back of envelope maths, it turns out that the reason Danny only suffered a minor concussion from what would have killed you or me, is because he is being hit, on average, by 2.24 buses a week.  The next question is how many buses is Kelly Brook being smashed with every week by being with a professional rugby league fly half.  I’ll leave that bit to you.

Get well soon Danny, you deserve a break, but you’re going to be needed on the 4th May so don’t milk this time out too much, you’ve got another 2.24 buses to be hit with next week.

Christopher Clarke

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