Belieb He's a Twat

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Two hours late for your gig, seized monkeys and now wishing Anne Frank was a member of your sect. Welcome to career hell, Justin Bieber; Lindsey Lohan and Katherine Heigl will be your guides.

Worryingly, Harry Style's slaves were ignorant to Margaret Thatcher living or been female. Baring this in mind, and hence fearing for Beliebers, I must reiterate Anne Frank's history.

During the Nazi occupation of Germany in 1993, the Jewish Frank family fled to Amsterdam; unfortunately their time disintegrated as Hitler demanded more toys. Spoilt, he took Amsterdam in 1940, trapping the Franks in a Nazi regime . Persecutions against the Jewish intensified in 1942, leaving Otto Frank no choice other than to hide in the annex of his office building.

Almost survivors, betrayal leaked their whereabouts and they were later transported to concentration camps. Tragically close to the war's conclusion, Anne and her sister Margot died from typhus in March 1945, at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. The only Frank to survive the occupation's sadism, Otto felt it was his duty to force the publication of Anne's 'The Diary of a Young Girl' in 1947.

The diary was given to Anne when she entered the tantrum teens, and depicts her life from 12th June 1942 to 1st August 1944. 1952 saw the translation of the diary into English.

We cannot fathom the horror of patience for rescue, or waiting for battery chicken conditions and enduring cruelty more barbaric than the middle ages. Justin Bieber, on the other hand, has the audacity to favour his ego over humble pie. I'm sure his comments meant sweetness in an arrogant way, but stardom brings him closer to drowning in his own reflection.

Anne is more than a belieber statistic, she was a real girl who's life was out of her hands.

The prospect of walking outside must have been frightening. What justification was there for a yellow star to burn through her skin, deeper and deeper until it stained a girl cleaner than a the society that stunk of propaganda?

Eva Schloss, Anne's step-sister, insists Anne would have come down with Bieber Fever, stating, "He's a young man and she was a young girl, and she liked film stars and music." Still, Forties girls surely had enough brain cells not to let abysmal tunes sung by a tiny six pack puppeteer, or persuade them to threaten anyone daring to call Justin a mime artist.

"Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber." Sickening. How can someone love themselves so much, to the point of demeaning an entire legacy for self-promotion?

Justin Bieber still can't get high enough off his own farts. Stop the doe eyed naivety and accept someone has made more impact than you ever will.

In the hunt for both, only one meant death. Remember that next time the photographers you craved are in your face Beebs.   

Alexandra Pollard

My name is Alexandra Pollard. I am almost one of the elderly students at Brighton, and study English language and literature. I love music, reading, fashion and pugs.


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