Why Britain's Got Talent Should Be Everyone's Not So Guilty Pleasure

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Britain’s Got Talent outperformed The Voice with 9.3 million viewers the other Saturday night. Perhaps that goes to show that the public is so over singers with a sob story warbling through their Saturday nights. However, having grown slightly bored of most T.V talent shows, it seems to me that Britain’s Got Talent dances a slightly different jig. It’s colourful and energetic and wild and indulgent. It’s a guilty pleasure that I’m frankly not very guilty about. Here’s why:

You can expect the unexpected. Everyone has their time in the spotlight. From the talented to the tone-deaf; from those laughed with, to those laughed at, the BGT stage is a platform for all. This representative show is so much more liberal than the X- Factor which merely tacked on the over 25’s category so as not to appear ageist. On Britain’s Got Talent everything goes. It does not matter if you’re more Fred Flinstone than Fred Astaire, in fact, it’s the glorious gang of no-goers that are my favourite. They remind us all of what a weird and wonderful bunch of people us Brits really are.

Next, there’s Simon Cowell. What’s not to love? He’s rude, he’s arrogant, he’s charismatic and he has a knack for telling it how it is. Even funny man David Walliams is somewhat smitten. You would have thought Britain would have recovered from Cowell fever by now, but, whether it’s due to his unrelenting flair for money making, his preference for nipple- tickling trousers or his blinding pearly whites, Britain’s bromance with Simon Cowell continues to blossom.

BGT celebrates something special and unique to Britain. People have been travelling to the show from all over the world and donning BGT with the title of the biggest talent contest in the world. That's a pretty hefty trophy to uphold and something I think we should be pretty proud of.

Finally, there are some real gems. Paul Potts, Susan Boyle and Diversity are all among the BGT alumni and the talent of the new series seems set to be on a similar stead. From comedians to choirs to men who can bark like dogs, to say that there’s something for everyone is an absolute understatement.

So, sit back this Saturday night and enjoy what Britain has to offer. I’m sure you won’t regret it. 

Jacqueline Agate

I'm an English Literature and Language student at the University of Leeds, aspring to be a journalist. I also write for Leeds Student newspaper and Lippy: No Gloss magazine. Aside from writing, I love cooking, films and losing myself in a good book!

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