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The most controversial prime minister has died of a stroke today, drawing great lines of juxtaposition throughout Britain. Baroness Thatcher's legacy lay in The Iron Lady's sternness; a refusal to back down that was strength to supporters and weakness to critics. MPs mourn the loss of an outstanding politician, others remember storms brewed before her resignation in 1990. Such unfathomable disrespect comes from 'Respect' MP George Galloway, tweeting 'Tramp the dirt down.'


However, where hate lives, so does admiration from prime minister David Cameron. A much less volatile tweet mourns, 'We've lost a great leader, a great Prime Minister and a great Briton." He has also cancelled plans in Paris, flying home to help plan Thatcher's ceremonial funeral with full military honours. She did not want a state funeral.

Take note Galloway, even the Sith lords of Labour have paid respect to Conservatives' Yoda. Labour MP David Lammy tweeted a respectful truth, 'RIP Margaret Thatcher. Whatever you think of her she will remain a political giant. End of an era.'

Refusing increased European power twisted the knife left in her gut from Poll Taxation. After horrific street violence and many Freudian slips towards Europe, MPs dropped like flies after Sir Geoffrey Howe's resignation speech- inviting in challengers for leadership. Twenty-four hours later, losing two votes and Michael Heseltine lead grey suits to believe Thatcher was officially KOd. Resignation bitterly became "treachery with a smile on its face."

Thatcher's third term was dictated by stubbornness, devastating more than mining communities. Yet, prior to political blunders, the first female prime minister returned moisture to dried up prosperity lingering in 1970's Britain. Resolves were revolutionary, ready to change economically barren, and almost socialist Britain.

Counteracting Heath's U-turn on Conservative economic policies, Thatcher vowed to fix finances by reducing the role of the state and boosting the free market. People shared in economy for the first time, able to buy their houses and shares in former-state owned businesses.

April 1982 delivered a surge in popularity, resulting from a proactive approach to the Argentine invasion of the Falkland islands. Told sending a naval task force would fail, she prospered anyway on the14th June, the islands were reclaimed. Once again, she stuck fingers up to politics.

Since political retirement in 1992, illness plagued the history maker. Short term memory problems from dementia, mild strokes and losing husband, Dennis in 2003 made public appearances rare for the longest reigning prime minister, turning The Iron Lady into gentle aluminium. Her last public appearance was in 2010.

Hate or adore, she survived an IRA attempt on her life and put Trade Unions in their place, after willy nilly strikes dragged industry to its knees during 1979's 'winter of discontent.' When telling Heath she was running for Tory leadership, he never looked up, he just said "You'll lose. Good day to you." Thatcher, three terms, Heath, defeated by a woman who, herself dismissed ever becoming prime minister. 

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