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Every designer has connected sex to sales; even the bible (Vogue), has cover stars unveiling bits that I prefer to hide during healthy eating hibernation (winter). Naomi Campbell was essentially topless behind P/Puff/whatever he is now Diddy for October 2001's issue, and Natalie Vondianova stripped down, barely covering a nip slip, for 2009's 'Body Talk' edition. Kate Moss has also undressed for Vogue, but a topless CK jeans campaign gave her supermodel status. So why, I hear you ask, does Tom Ford face criticism?

Fine lines govern fashion promiscuity; arguably, cases for nudity are contradictory without dictating anything. Marc Jacob's 2011, 'Oh, Lola!' fragrance campaign was banned in England for supposedly sexualising children. Placing the perfume bottle in-between Dakota Fanning's then seventeen year old legs wasn't genius, but in an interview she states, "There's no pressure to look a certain way or feel a certain way." 67.42% of Huffington Post readers agreed, why moan? It didn't emulate Sohpie Dahl's butt-naked campaign for Yves Saint Laurent's (YSL) Opium fragrance. Too much boob and facially looking like Jamie Cullum was on top of her; Ford's creative direction earned it 8th place for most complained about advertisement.

Each ad has me blushing like a year seven seeing a penis on a sex ed video.

Two years after the Dahl dilemma, Ford hadn't heeded the British Standards of Advertising's words: he persuaded martial arts champion Samual de Cubber to not only show the bear living on his chest, but to unveil the honey pot and bees downstairs. The M7 fragrance campaign was full-frontal, without evoking the classic elegance of black and white photography.

Ford defends himself, proclaiming "Perfume is worn on the skin, so why hide the body?" Apparently Cubber pays 'homage' to the label's heritage, imitating 1971's naked photo of Laurent, shot by Jeanloup Sieff.

Credit must be due, being the first designer to use full-frontal male nudity. Oh, and more credibility for spring/summer's 2008 'covered up' menswear advertisements. By 'covered up', I mean women hiding their nipples whilst bearing their backsides, simultaneously squeezing male models' c*cks.

Ford must be a feminist: Louise Pederson's big break did, after all, come from being the star of a Gucci campaign centred around her G-spot.

Modelled alongside Ford, Lara Stone's Fall 2011 beauty pictures are utterly stunning, but naked shoulders indicate forgotten garments. With a sprawled Sophie Dahl, you forget  iconic fragrance and with Ford's 'clothing' campaigns, we forget the outstanding designer worn by Hollywood starlets like Anne Hathaway (remember those exhibitionist bondage boots). His spring/summer 13 campaign may be clothed (about time); yet, the collection is perfectly balanced as perversity meets chastity, finally giving conservative Fordians choice. As he says, "There's something perverse about bandages- it makes you think: is she nude or not beneath?"

Tom Ford, you will always be one saucy f*****.  

Alexandra Pollard

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