A Duck Gives Birth To A Chicken Through Genetic Engineering!

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Ok, so back in 2003 a bunch of super clever guys managed to clone a Sheep. Back when this happened everyone was thinking of the possibilities genetic engineering could lead to. A huge leap forward in Stem Cell research, people were looking at a cure for HIV - the outcomes of such a massive feat of scientific brilliance were limitless. However, scientists in Dubai didn't quite get the memo of all this optimistic thinking and potential life saving ideas. For they put their efforts into enabling a duck to give birth to a chicken - yes, don't give up your aspirations for the cure of cancer quite yet, it might happen. The scientists of Dubai are clearly thinking of a much more prominent issue, the ever impending Chicken genocide that we are now very well prepared for.

That's not to say that this isn't a huge leap in genetic engineering. The team behind the cloning of Dolly the Sheep have taken their god-like abilities further and made one species give birth to another species. It could be huge! But, and I feel I should point out I'm not a hater of ducks or chickens or any kind of poultry, it is only a chicken - I mean they aren't the most endangered of animals that need saving are they? Sure, I am no scientist but surely if they can make a duck give birth to a chicken, why can't they make, for example, a cow give birth to a panda. Although, saying that we have been trying to make Panda's do the nasty in zoos for years against their will. So maybe in the weird topsy-turvy world that Pandas live in if we managed to spawn them out of a horse we would be crossing the line, forcing a species that clearly loves bamboo more than sex to carry on existing.

Any way, I kind of went off on a tangent there about pandas and their lack of sexual drive. My point is: there must be something better that these mega brainy scientists can do with their time. So far the biggest achievements in genetic engineering have been a glow in the dark dog that lives in South Korea and a see through frog that resides in Japan. If they can do all of this, surely these big time boffins can do something worth while. It is the equivalent of giving a kid all the colours possible and it drawing a black and white picture of a rainbow. So much possibility and yet they are squandering it on a one-up competition to see what country can get press coverage for the most pointless scientific breakthrough.


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