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It must be a universally acknowledged fact that the Daily Mail Online makes members of the public want to poke themselves in the eye. Yes, their stories are made up of irredeemable, trivial horsesh*t, but it IS hard to turn a blind eye towards one of their most recent sensationalist articles detailing the case of Josie Cunningham, a 22 year old from -surprise, surprise - Leeds, who received a near £5,000 boob job increasing her breast size to a 36DD, all of which was funded by the NHS. It seemed her flat chest was ruining her life, not through bullying as you might expect, but because, shock horror…she might not make it as a glamour model whilst lacking in tit territory. True to form, the masses turned to their social media outlets and the onslaught of abuse towards Josie and her free-of-charge juicy doubles commenced.  

My attention was first drawn to this story when a friend ‘liked’ a rude and grammatically appalling comment on Facebook towards a fairly obvious parody account named ‘Josie Cunningham NHS Free Boob Job Model’. I’ll leave to the imagination the content of the message, perhaps voicing the opinion of every ticked off member of the tax paying public. In true keyboard warrior fashion, members of the public came together in a vigilante style of attack, meticulously covering every aspect of her being that they had a grievance with. I can’t help but think, whilst this girl is clearly out of touch with reality, shouldn’t our outrage be directed toward the NHS for allowing itself to be manipulated in this way, whilst breast cancer patients wait obediently in line to be treated?  

With the amount of inspirational, determined, passionate and courageous women in the public eye, Katie Price is not the first image that springs to mind when contemplating the female population. Could Josie Cunningham, who has admittedly wanted to follow in Jordan’s footsteps since the age of 14, be a stark warning sign for a generation of girls who grow up with the belief that physical appearance (and great big knockers) dictate how successful they are at being a woman? Without sounding terribly cliché, confidence and beauty are not something that can be bought. Either way, if they are, leave taxpayers money out of it.




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