What Are We Going To Do Without Our Guilty Pleasure Girls Aloud?

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As a nation we have had some awesome and admittedly slightly cheesy boy and girl bands find success, and the newly split Girls Aloud were no exception. Despite finding success as the five girls with greasy hair and toothy grins on Pop Stars: the Rivals, Nadine, Cheryl, Sarah, Nicole and Kimberly have become one of the most successful girl bands in the last century. Their reputation, as the epitome of pop stars, is one that has even impressed U2's front man, Bono, who stated that  he thought the band were the ‘cutting edge’ of pop music. Their infectious songs have long been guilty pleasures of mine including some of their earlier hits like ‘Sound of the Underground’ and ‘Biology’.

Considering their recent success, including the sell-out ‘TEN’ tour and a sponsorship deal with Pandora, their split has surprised so many fans. But life goes on; the gossip tabloids ran their headlines and soon new news becomes old news. That was until member Nadine Coyle decided to take to Twitter to state her disappointment in their split: You should know by now I had no part in any of this split business. I couldn't stop them. I had the best time & want to keep going. Xxxx’

So now the articles lamenting their split are feeding off the gossip surrounding why exactly it was that the girls parted. Sources claim a number of different reasons, ranging from other work ventures to the interesting claim that the girls are all stopping their careers to try and have children.

Whilst none of the band members have replied to Nadine’s claims, each has taken to social media sites to express their happiness in their adventure as 1/5 of the super girl band, and it will be hard to forget a band that produced some of the most popular hits of the past decade.

I’m sure we won’t have to wait too long before another pop act pops up... Didn’t PJ & Duncan just re enter the charts?

Anyway, to all those Girl Aloud’s fans that aren’t quite sure what to listen to now, it is perfectly acceptable to relive some of their best hits on YouTube!


Amelia Sweeney

I'm an English Lit and Greek Civilisation student at the University of Leeds and I am a complete self-confessed film and book fanatic.

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