Six Reasons Why Exercise Could Be Your New Best Friend

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It’s hard to exercise when you get to University. The student lifestyle doesn't exactly lend itself to keeping fit. Deadlines, non-existent sleeping patterns, partying and hangovers all take up a lot of time, but once you find space for exercise in your life, you will never look back.

 Here are six reasons why:

1.       Hangover cure. Rather than spending all day in bed regretting the previous night, drinking gallons of cola and scoffing yet another bacon sandwich, bite the bullet and go for a run or hit the gym. While there is no proven ‘cure’ for a hangover, exercise is the next best thing. It will hurt and it will by no means be easy, but afterwards you’ll feel great. 

2.       De-stress. When deadlines are getting on top of you and the workload seems never-ending it might just be worth your while to take an hour out to exercise. Your mind has a chance to switch off, whether you are focused on running for another minute or blasting out one last rep at 90kg, you’re not thinking about work. Anger, stress and writer's block just fades away. 

3.       Concentration and Motivation. Find it hard to get ‘in the zone’ for working? Feel agitated when you sit down to work? A morning run or gym session might just be the answer. No scientific jargon, it just helps you feel accomplished and focuses your mind. Something we can all appreciate. 

4.       Sleeping Pattern. Struggling to stay awake during the day? Nocturnal living habits? Exercise increases your energy levels during your waking hours, but also leaves your body more prepared for sleep. It may take a week or so, but eventually you will achieve regular, healthy and more sociable sleeping habits. 

5.       Pride and Vanity. While these things are considered deadly sins, they play a massive part in motivation for exercise. Receiving compliments from your peers and knowing that all the hard work has paid off does wonders for your pride and self-confidence.

 6.       Feeling like a boss. Exercise releases endorphins, a feel-good chemical that the body releases to reward positive actions. It is the same chemical that is produced during orgasm. Enough said.

Sp there we have it: six reasons why it’s worth taking a little time out to exercise. So next time you feel frustrated, unmotivated or just plain lazy, tell yourself to go for run. It’s time to start feeling good about yourself. 

William Lobley

I am a third year English Language and Literature student, studying at University of Hull, Scarborough campus. Other than writing I enjoy listening to music, playing guitar, gaming, socialising, reading and going to the gym.I hope you enjoy reading my work as much as I enjoy writing it, cheers!

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