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Take Me Out - the hit ITV show designed to help beautiful people in their quest to find love…but is it all as it seems? With all these reality TV programmes inundating our screens, we are left wondering whether any of it constitutes ‘real life’ at all. With Take Me Out, we are lead into a false sense of security with Paddy McGuiness, the down-to-earth host projecting an image of honesty and enthusiasm. The abundance of glammed-up, tanned, female contestants and the ever growing list of arrogant men (not to forget the token weirdo) performing ridiculous party tricks at an attempt in gaining their affection.

However, now that Take Me Out has reached its fourth series, there are a few trends that keep cropping up. For a start, every series has its token pair of annoying twins, one who always keeps their light on-no matter what, and the cougar who they can’t get rid of. This repetitiveness is beginning to get boring though. Why can’t the producers mix it up a bit, put all the men on the identity parade instead-give us something we won’t be expecting?

But the real burning issue is the suspicion of the show being a fix. The Daily Mirror backs this up, referencing the show as ‘Fake Me Out’. There is much speculation regarding the picking process when each individual woman assesses the guy with ‘No Likey, No Lightey’. It would probably be more like ‘No Likey, No Lightey-because-the-producer-said-so’ being as it is claimed that who chooses who isn’t a matter of personal choice like we the viewers are led to believe. The same could be said of many reality shows, most recently the controversy surrounding the X Factor and the previous misdemeanours from the BBC with competition phone-ins (Blue Peter anyone?) has made people more suspicious and much less naïve when it comes to this so-called ‘reality.’

Of course the producers of the show are going to deny these claims but having heard from a previous contestant on the show say that it is a fix, this will hold more sway than a producer trying to maintain a show’s image. If we wanted scripted entertainment on a Saturday night I’m sure many of us would prefer a nice cuppa in front of Corrie. How can we be entertained by a format which is completely pointless if contestants are being told who to pick?

Further evidence towards Take Me Out’s crookedness is the appearance of professional racing driver, Tom Chilton. He is someone who could already be classed as a minor celebrity being a touring car driver and has made five appearances on Top Gear, when we are led to believe that the show is for normal(ish) people to find love, not for my boyfriend to identify him straight away and say ‘what’s he doing on there?’ Just because the girls don’t know who he is, doesn’t mean the viewers won’t.

You know what, let’s bring back Cilla Black and ‘our Graham.’

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