Baking or Boozing?

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Hangover:  ‘the disagreeable physical aftereffects of drunkenness.’ Sound familiar? Of course it does. Well, if it doesn’t what have you been doing?

Well why not fill your head with cookery knowledge instead of aches and haziness? Now, this does mean switching on your oven - the microwave will not suffice. Once you have managed this, get yourself down to your local charity book shop and spend the last shrapnel you have on learning a new skill: baking (hopefully) delicious cakes to look forward to and probably having more friends. Warning - they may have a tendency to invite themselves over unannounced.

Cupcakes, muffins, cheesecakes - go wild! They’re unhealthy? And vodka isn’t? Unless you’re an alcoholic, we don’t consume ridiculous amounts of alcohol on a night out for the sheer enjoyment of the taste; the enjoyment is calculated by the company you’re with and the confidence which suddenly presents itself. So why not bake with your mates? It never means a bottle of wine or three won’t go nicely with it. Maybe you’ll risk the hangover but you can stay cuddled up in your comfiest pj’s, there will be no waiting in queues in the freezing cold, and cakes are so much nicer than kebabs.

What better way of impressing your parents with your new responsible, independent lifestyle than by baking them a cake? That money gone into funding your education isn’t completely wasted by countless vodka bottles lined up side by side on your windowsill. Well, not all of it anyway. If you don’t learn anything else at university, you might have at least come away with some life skills.

It’s an expensive hobby you may say. Maybe if you shop at Waitrose. The key ingredients needed for your baking success aren’t expensive – flour, butter, sugar, egg and anything else you fancy. It’s probably cheaper than buying them ready done and usually a heck of a lot nicer too. Who knows, it could even be the start of a new beginning, the next thing you know you’ll have made a Sunday dinner to go with it and people might even pay you to provide such privileges.

But the best thing, it’s rewarding, especially if it doesn’t turn out like a tough brown Frisbee. What better hobby than to have learnt something, had fun doing and had even more fun eating. Even if it doesn’t turn out very well, the chances are you’ll have enjoyed doing it.

That and not woken up with a blinding headache, nausea and cravings for an Egg McMuffin.

Nicole Jones

Recently graduated from uni with a media degree... I am a typical 21 year old-love shopping, partying, socialising, venting and lots of cups of tea!


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