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    Think that Wales is just sheep, hills and all-male choirs? Well, think again. Deep in the countryside of north Wales stands Peep, a club where almost a thousand students congregate on Wednesday nights, sweating, dancing and drinking until 3am. The music of club night ‘Beans’ pounds through the crowd and thoughts of early morning lectures, deadlines and the overdraft are stamped on hard as they head to the bar with new friends for that probably-shouldn’t-have-it-but-will-anyway Jagerbomb.


    Not Just Any Nightclub

    Beans at Peep has won best student night in the country, and with such an electric atmosphere, epic playlist throwing out tune after tune and the students of Bangor more than up to show how hard they can go, it is absolutely no surprise.

    Peep is not just any night-club; it’s a venue which balances modern luxury with the dark, hedonistic determination of Bangor’s students to have the greatest night of their lives. With The Loft playing sexy and grimy R’n’B music you walk into a room where the night’s greatest romances start to emerge on the dancefloor, and every other guy is thinking he looks like Usher as he twists, turns and thrusts amongst the crowd.

    If up-to-date chart hits is more your thing then Peep’s main room is where you want to be. Pulsating beats and strobe lighting are the perfect accompaniment to Beans’ cheap shot offers and vodka mixers.

    Fancy Getting Some Air?

    But the one thing which sets Beans at Peep apart from the student night crowd is the opportunity to take a breather and experience Bangor on the rooftops. Ever experienced that infuriating feeling when you want to bitch, gossip or just get to know someone a little better, but the music which you usually crave is just preventing you from doing so? Beans lets you escape upstairs to The Terrace – a roof garden where you can breathe in and enjoy the Bangor air, or just experience Tequila and Sambuca in a completely different and unique environment.

    Beans isn’t in any way your average student night. It’s not mass-produced but it has the atmosphere and events which rival even the biggest club in the biggest city. Bangor may not be your first choice for a night out, but trust us – with clubs such as Peep you might just want to reconsider.

    Jessica Baggaley

    I make the incoherent coherent through punctuation, adjectives and irony.


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