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    First Stop on the BounceSIN Tour: Sheffield.

    As we rolled up to Endcliffe Village halls, music blaring and team pumped up, none of us could have anticipated the night of debauchery ahead. The excitable crew spilled out of the car and pinned up a giant ‘BounceSIN’ banner to attract the attention of party-ready freshers. As we turned up the volume and a throbbing bass worked its way across the halls’ grounds, the faces of Sheffield students started to appear to see what all the fuss was about. And dayum, did we kick up a fuss.

    Within minutes the BounceSIN team were pouring drinks down eager freshers’ throats, who flocked to the car to dance like maniacs and prove why Sheffield is the best party city in the UK. People were getting hyped, and potential for a wild and messy night was looking promising. After causing a ruckus and getting everyone all riled up, we moved the party indoors to a very generous and, what’s more, game, group of students who volunteered their flat for a big-ass BounceSIN rave. The Sheffield students were up for it; there were no half measures with these beer-bonging, vodka-shotting twenty-four-hour-party-people.

    Embrace This…

    After raising the roof in Endcliffe Village for a few hours of mayhem, we decided it was time to hit the main event: Full Moon Project at Embrace. Originally Get Dirty, winner of BounceSIN’s No. 1 place to party in Sheffield, and now changed to Full Moon Project, we had high hopes for a night of getting filthy, getting f*cked, and having an all round night to remember.

    Walking through the doors of the renowned venue, first impressions were ones of wonderment. This place was s*** hot; impressive chandeliers watched over vast dance floors and more bars than you could shake a motherf***ing Jägerbomb at. At around 10:30pm the place was coming alive. The dance floors soon became seas of fluorescent-covered students and in the blink of an eye Embrace was heaving. Shot-girls slinked around looking like sexy, alcohol-baring goddesses with vials of fluorescent booze; this place was seductive, vibrant and was certainly living up to BounceSIN’s No. 1.

    Ready to Blow!

    As team-leader, Chris took to the stage to speak to the crowd, the atmosphere changed to some serious BounceSIN-loving. The ocean of pissed-up party animals roared for BounceSIN as Chris stood reppin’ the BounceSIN philosophy of play-hard. This crowd was about to explode with excitement, and if anything was going to push them over the edge it was going to be the appearance of hot-boy Hugo from Made In Chelsea.

    After the handsome and impeccably dressed sweetheart made his way through masses of screaming girls into the VIP area of Embrace, I got ready to chat to him. As we mulled over which was the best student city in the UK, and what life was like after Made In Chelsea, it became apparent that Hugo is a genuinely lovely guy, with a soft spot for student partying and, of course, his girlfriend, Natalie, who he has just celebrated his one-year-anniversary with. Still as smitten as he appeared to be on the last season of Made In Chelsea, he gushed with a grin on his face “I’m super happy.” And we’re certainly happy for him too!

    Moving up to a balcony overlooking one of the biggest dancefloors in the club, the view was pretty much mind-blowing. Smoke machines created a haze over drunken students, cut through by erratic laser lights; it was impossible to not go and join in the mess after witnessing it from above. And of course, who could forget the music. Absolute legend DJ Rob got students getting down and dirty with the kind of electronic and bass that would make even your Grandma move.

    Interview done, students wasted and everyone having the time of their lives, it seemed BounceSIN had done their job. Embrace had delivered an awesome night, and the Sheffield crowd had shown levels of enthusiasm for their student city that were off the Richter scale. Sheffield is certainly going to be a hard one to beat in this competition!

    Make sure you vote on the 5th of October if you think Sheffield deserves to win 'No.1 Party City' in the UK.

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