Why is McDonalds so Popular?

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According to Business Week, McDonalds is one of the world’s top 10 most recognised brands, but why? What is it that compels us to go in here whenever we feel a little bit peckish? What is so attractive about those golden arches?

It’s affordable one may argue. Maybe 10 years ago when we were eagerly tucking into our £1.99 happy meals as kids, but that’s all a thing of the past. Maybe it’s the arrival of ‘100% chicken’ in nuggets formerly complete with beak and feet. Ah, nutritious. Suppose in the long run it’s better to pay that little bit more for quality.

Floppy, squashed burgers and soggy chips are another issue up for debate. How can something be so tasty yet so tasteless at the same time? Advertisements reveal a juicy slab of meat sandwiched between layers of crunchy salad and topped with a springy-looking, fresh bun yet what we receive is entirely the opposite. It’s an experience which resembles having your school packed lunch squashed by numerous exercise books and then eating them. But with all this considered, we keep going back over and over again!

It’s open 24 hours a day, every day. Well, so is Asda, so is the University library. Two other things we just can’t get enough of. Convenience and familiarity are clearly the two components that draw the population in-whether  it’s ‘Big Mac’ deprived students after a fairly successful night of severe vodka intoxication, parents who can’t bear the moaning and sulking blaring from the back seat or generally the rest of us grease craving souls. Wherever we are in the country, there’s a McDonalds somewhere near, it’s either that or Bob’s transport café in the lay-by.

As you may be aware, McDonalds was the London 2012 official Olympic restaurant. Usain Bolt munching on a burger as a pre-race energy boost seems highly unlikely; a celebratory McFlurry may be nearer the mark. However by associating themselves with something opposite to what they produce can alter their perception and deflect the reality. It’s hypocritical but it works, there are even two commemorative Olympic Coca-Cola glasses in my kitchen.

Clearly the most important question regarding McDonalds is, where on earth has Ronald McDonald gone!? Yes, clowns to some people are quite scary, but he definitely hosted the best kid’s parties. Thing just aren’t the same as they were ‘back when I were young.’ Perhaps this is what makes it so popular, reel the kids in when they’re young and they know nothing different. Like your dad trying to dress you in a baby grow with his favourite football team on the front, unbeknownst to you that you are about to embark on a journey of disappointment and mediocrity, similar to a meal at Macca’s.

And thus the mantra? McDonalds is like drinking alcohol. You say you’ll never do it again but yet you always, always do. 

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