Apple: Overpriced Crap?

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Here we go again, it’s that time of year where all you Apple fan-boys and fan-girls need to start packing your sleeping bags and thermos flasks, because pretty soon you’ll be joining the local homeless community in the streets, as you sleep on the pavement in a sweaty queue of like-minded geeks in anticipation for the iPhone 5.

This will be the first major step forward for the company (because no one cared about the 4S) since Steve Jobs’ passing in October 2011, meaning the current CEO, Tim Cook, will have to give one stellar performance at the press conference on September 12th. If it’s anything short of spectacular, the brainwashed Apple fan boys and girls will be most upset.

These people live and breathe the brand, they defend Apple to their death. That student in Starbucks posing with her latté seems inseparable from her shiny, sleek iPad, but why? With other tablets, phones and laptops on the market that are just as capable, why pay up to £1,799 for a laptop?

Some people own Macs for legitimate reasons. Like photographers and artists who want to use its design features, or musicians who want to take advantage of Garage Band, but more often than not, people own Apple products for the little logo on the back.

“My gold-plated butt-plug company is being sued by Apple, apparently they have a patent against overpriced crap for arseholes”

I haven’t bought any of their products due to a deep-rooted yet irrational hatred for the over-priced technology giant. I think it’s partly to do with them suing and brainwashing everyone, but admittedly, I can see where people’s obsession with the brand stems from and why they have amassed such a cult following.

Apple are constantly at the forefront of innovation and design, particularly when it comes to the touch-screen market, and they changed the way we listen to music. But where Apple excels is in leading their consumers to believe that they are part of a cool, exclusive community.

No Apple, Not Cool

Remember those “I’m a Mac / I’m a PC” ads? Yeah, apparently owning a PC makes you a clinically obese, four-eyed businessman with no street cred – so that’s 90% of people.  

Because of the small size of the Apple market, particularly in their computing sector, Mac and iPhone users that have a problem will talk to other Mac and iPhone users, which gives them a sense of community. A sort of microcosm in which nerds can bond.

Macs have always been the underdog in the computing market. It’s an indie kids dream.  It’s all part of the ‘going against the mainstream’ idea. The sense of individuality. If there’s fewer Mac users than PC users, surely that means there’s something they understand that PC users don’t? It’s the exclusivity factor. Although now that so many people harp on about Apple, it hardly makes you exclusive if you buy their products.

If you’re a designer, I forgive you for spending offensive amounts on overpriced crap, but seriously, next time you consider sitting in Starbucks with your iPad, don’t. It’s not cool, it’s not edgy and you’ll look like a tit.

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