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It is a publically known fact that in 2009 Chris Brown beat Rihanna’s face into an uncanny resemblance of Rocky Balboa... on a bad day. So when the superstar and global success opened up about it to Oprah Winfrey on her show Oprah’s Next Chapter, it received a whole lot of reaction. I know, right, two living legends canoodling on one sofa, what more could you ask for?!

Throughout the interview Rihanna talked about her abusive relationship with Chris Brown, causing a stir to ripple out amongst society with many blaming her for setting a bad example for those suffering from domestic violence, cough-pull the rod out of your arse-cough.

So what do we think? Should the once black and blue Rihanna have made claims that she has forgiven Chris Brown and will always love him (especially the way he lies)?

Beat Me Senseless, It’s… OK?

Abusive relationships can be cause for more family fallouts than incestuous activity, or even Christmas time. People get increasingly frustrated when a loved one remains with someone that is clearly just no damn good for them.

“Why do you always crawl back to that bleeping bleeping weasel bleep bleep bleep?!” Many cry, up in arms about the apparent blindness of their nearest and dearest. And it seems this is the reaction of much of the quick-to-judge public upon Rihanna’s emotional confession.

I Smell Bull

The Independent reported that charities have claimed that Rihanna’s remarks could reduce the seriousness of the issue of abusive relationships.

What a load of petty, unjustifiable, bitchy bullsh*t.

If the Barbados native wants to speak out about her own personal experiences it should not be pounced upon and fed off by interfering bystanders with the feeble pretence that they are looking out for the victims of abuse.

Sure, domestic abuse is cause for utmost concern, but upon viewing the footage of Rihanna’s heartrending breakdown, it is incredibly hard to condemn those big, glassy eyes. She, herself was a victim of abuse. She was drunk on love, or was it that she found love in a hopeless place? I forget. Either way she should not be held up as a negative influence on the whole sombre issue. To do this is only to add to the public humiliation she has already suffered.

Help To The Battered and Bruised

What has been overlooked is that listening to such a publically adored figure open up about something so incredibly painful could actually help young girls that have suffered the same thing. Girls all over the world are struggling in abusive relationships and being mentally and physically mistreated. To hear about the genuine feelings involved in Rihanna and Chris Brown’s relationship could act as a big bright hope-instilling light shining in through, to be crude, their blackened and swollen eyelids.

Openness is what we need; let Rihanna vent her pent up steam and speak out about her experience. It is not going to result the world turning into a massacre of broken women having crawled back to their ex-beaters, because frankly, despite what it may seem, Rihanna ain’t that influential. I await open fire

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