Prince Harry - Best Prince Ever?

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Prince Harry often seems to be getting caught up in media drama with his partying habits and wild antics. From dressing up as a Nazi and smoking Marijuana, to making racial slurs and fighting with photographers, the young prince never fails to bring attention to the royal family - in ways that his granny most certainly wouldn’t appreciate.

He’s most recently drawn in criticism after photos that show him in Vegas, completely naked, cupping his crown jewels, with girls clinging to him like a koala after playing strip billiards, were leaked online. Whatever happened to ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’?

Appropriate for a prince?

An international debate rippled around the world. Prince Harry became a trending topic on Twitter and every news outlet had an absolute field day. The big question everyone was asking though is whether this behaviour is appropriate for the prince of England.

But honestly, let’s face it, we all loved it. The pictures made our days that little bit funnier.

At the end of the day, Harry is a normal (sort of) 27-year-old guy who has never really had the chance to live a real life, so why not let him go to Vegas, get drunk, pick up girls in a bar and frolic around his hotel suite completely nude.

If a single young man goes to Vegas, this sort of alcohol-induced behaviour is inevitable. Vegas + Drink + Single male + female from bar = No clothes.

Not only do we love a bit of royal scandal, this will also do wonders for the Americans’ love of our royalsOne delightfully reserved American expressed her love for Harry’s newly exhibited physique by saying “I would eat him from EVERYWHERE!!!!”. Lovely.

However, it’s not all fun and games. Prudes around the world have come out in force to speak their mind. “Tasteless and classless” is what one person branded his antics online whilst another said “WOW-What a friggin stupid moron”... deep.

Maybe it is tasteless and classless, maybe it is the polar-opposite of how a royal is supposed to behave, but then again, millions of people all over the world have been doing this sort of thing every night since we were gifted with alcohol all those thousands of years ago.

Does He Actually Care?

Yes, the royal family are the figureheads of (what’s left of) the British Empire and represent Britain as a country. And yes, with the public eye on him wherever he goes, and with such a preset image of how a prince should behave, he should really know better.

But isn’t that what makes Harry Harry? He is the renowned bad-boy of the royal family and everyone, including himself, knows it. Right now, the only thing Harry should really be worrying about is his Grandma Liz calling him to the throne room for a telling off, because quite frankly, it seems as though everyone else loves the pictures.

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